My Favorite Teacher Free Essay Example

Mrs. Mohan was expecting an essay, from her daughter, about how amazing she is, on her anniversary. Her daughter did not write one. I wonder why. Mrs.

Mohan is my sophomore world history teacher. She’s taught me a lesson about class participation and that miracles can happen. I hope to use her traits to be successful. It started with class participation. I thought participation is part of one’s personality.

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In Mrs. Mohan’s class, thirty percent of my grade was participation and I never got full points. I went to Mrs. Mohan to hear her input. She told me participating in class is for her to confirm that I’m learning. I just have to show her that I’m there, mentally.

Hearing this piece of information changed my perspective on what I knew. I thought that you should only raise your hand if you had the correct answer. I followed that, afraid of embarrassing myself. “It’s easier said than done” was applicable to this situation. I’m trying to make my presence noticeable in class, with her suggestion.

Mrs. Mohan taught me that miracles can happen, gradewise. Throughout Middle school, straight A’s was easy. If my grade deviated from an “A”, I’d refresh the schoolloop website until it went back. Sophomore year came; my grades dropped.

I had the least amount of A’s. I had a “C” in history. My grades reflected my attitude. It’s unhealthy. When Mrs.

Mohan offered extra credit, I took it. I spent time connecting Renaissance ideas and turned it into a concept map. The work paid off, pulling my grade up by seventeen percent. Never in school has extra credit impacted my grade this much. I started appreciating school more.

I put more effort to socialize. By the end of the semester, I had a B+. It’s not what I wanted, but it could’ve been worse. It’s a miracle that extra credit would raise my grade seventeen percent. If I become a boss, I’d learn from Mrs.

Mohan. She holds the attention of the entire class with her knowledge. All of her lectures mesmerize me. I can apply everything I’ve learned in Mrs. Mohan’s class in the workplace.

All of the students are coworkers. When we are having a discussion, it’s a meeting. There are some who speak while some don’t. I’m thankful for what I’ve learned in Mrs. Mohan’s class. Not all I’m learning in Mrs.

Mohan’s class is history. She’s taught me class participation is more than knowing the correct answer. She’s showed me that a miracle can happen when you least expect it to. I can learn from the techniques Mrs. Mohan uses in class to be successful.

After meeting Mrs. Mohan, I feel like Cinderella on the night of the ball. As my fairy godmother, she used her magical powers to turn a dull version of me into a brighter me.