My Sisters Graduation Day

My sister graduated late year at December with Bachelors in Education.

It had been our anticipation that one day she will graduate. According to Quin-Harkin, (1992) a graduation Day is meant to mark the tremendous accomplishment which one has achieved after successfully completing their training. She had been an inspiration to my self and young sister for her determination in her studies all through. The graduation ceremony was the ultimate celebration of her determination and dedication to her studies which enabled her to pass with upper 2nd class honors. It’s a day which my father was very compassionate on it after realization that his first born has made it through University despite of the difficulties he had gone through at times to ensure that he has supported her to achieve her dream. Each of us my mother, father, my self, my younger sister and the grandaunt had invited their friends to witness this day in our life.

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Our friends did not fail use they turned up in large numbers. Her colleagues were there as well in celebration mood as they congratulated each other. There were charting in low tones in remembrance of the good and bad moments which they have gone through together. However, it was notable by all those who had turned up for the occasion my sister was extremely happy and jovial unlike other days. It seemed like eternity for our entourage to make its way to the parking lot of the university graduation square. Its arrival marked the end of our long anticipated travel from country home accompanied with my entire family, family friends and relatives.

The day had been greatly anticipated by everybody especially my lovely big sister who will be graduation with a degree in education. The parking lot was full to the brim and the atmosphere was filled with celebratory mood as everybody was smiles and hugging was the order of the moment. The sqare was colorful especially the purple and white gowns that most graduates wore was breath taking. My sister was very anxious as it could be seen with a silence and constant blushing. We proceeded to the tents that were pitched strategically and in no time the ceremony was kicked off by introductory prayers from the pastor.

As I sat there next to my sister the moment brought to my mind watching the Cosby show when I was a kid. The joke of my memories is that I was actually sitting there to witness my sister graduate and undergo the tradition of tassel throwing as it was in the show. Since she was getting a degree it was not just a ceremony of standing up and turning of tassels from on aside to the other then the pronunciation of ‘your are now graduated’. Lost in my thought went the one and half hours of speeches by the faculty guest speakers.At least came the moment we had all been waiting when my sister name was pronounced through the loudspeakers and she rose to join other grandaunts.

Amidst cheers and loud jubilations from the mammoth crowd went down the hooding of the graduates as they were pronounced graduated. As the celebrations and clapping filled the air my sister waved at me and a tear of joy fell from my eyes as her dream had finally come true. I was much exited and I came to belief that graduations that were depicted in Cosby show really do exist and was not just a myth. The reception was over at it was now the time to unite with my parents and the friends that has arrived to witness my sister’s hard work. This was the long awaited time in my life as my parent had organized a reception in a very magnificent hotel to ensure that they thank her for the hard work.

There was also the full anxiety from my guardian who had kept her in suspense since she got in the college. She had kept a secret that she was to tell her during the reception. Therefore, alll of us waited for this hour with mixed reactions. Vitamins C (2010) lyrics of her song friends for ever emphasized on the importance of grandaunts being friends even after graduation an issue which my sister was very particular in her speech as she appealed to other grandaunts to keep in touch with each other. My sister walked towards us majestically like a queen with her gown and her neck full of flowers that she was given before she joined the rest in the grandaunts arena. My parents and I filled the air with ululations as we run towards congratulating her for her hard work.

She looked very delighted and new that at last she has gotten what she ever desired for in life. I really admired her and vowed in my heart that to work very hard also in my education to emulate her. Rarely did I ever see my father smiled like the way he did that day. She was very happy. It lingered in my mind that it was my turn now to ensure that he become happy.The reception was not far from the college, and with a matter of time we arrived there.

Everything was in order and celebration was to begin immediately. Some music was played after Dad led us with a word of prayers. This was still another amazing episode as he had never been in the church before. The music from a popular group in the town was hired to set the right mood for the celebration. Everybody danced over the music as photos were taken to remember the important day.

Finally it came to the most important and the long awaited. Mouth-watering food was brought as prizes were offered to my sister. It was my aunt time to tell us the secret that she has hidden for very many years. She stood and gave a blue letter to my sister. Everybody was anxious to know what contained in it. Ah! It was a letter from Cambridge University inviting her for masters in education.

The party was revived to live once more. Oh! What a day.