A sister- A person who’s been where you’ve been. Someone you can call when things aren’t right. She is more than just a sister, because I have a sister I will always have someone to look up to. Someone who teaches me what I need to learn.

My sister Lindsey has influenced my life in many significant ways. She has taught me multiple things, to be passionate, have confidence and that it is always okay to mess up. She has taught me to be passionate about everything I do! My sister always looks like she loves everything she does, even if it is homework, dance, cheer, or cleaning. If she doesn’t necessarily want to do something she still tries to have fun while she does it. She has also taught me to be happy and proud of everything I do, and to never put yourself down.

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When I see Lindsey proud of what she does, it makes me want to do be proud of myself. When I am proud of what I am doing it makes me feel better about myself.No matter what I’m doing I need to love it, if I love it have confidence! When my sister was younger she played flute at my Aunt’s wedding. She messed up half way through the song and ran out of the room. After that she got back up and performed at church. Before she got up to play she said “I am going to have confidence and this time I won’t mess up.

” Well sure enough she got up there and she played it perfectly. When I saw her do this I thought to myself that dance was the same way for me. I never had confidence when I danced, I told myself that I sucked at dance. One time when I got up on stage I missed a count, then fell to the ground. After that happened I told myself I needed confidence and to have faith in myself. The next time I went on stage, I told myself over and over, “You can do this Jenna.

” Now whenever I do something I think to myself “you can do this”, every time I say that I end up doing an okay job. Sometimes being passionate and having confidence will fail on me, but it is always okay to mess up. Messing up isn’t always a bad thing. When my sister was little, she would mess up and she would lock herself in the bathroom and cry. Well when she grew up she decided that was not a good choice. Messing up to her isn’t a big deal at all she will sit and laugh at herself then get back up and do it again.

For example in dance if she messed up at dance practice she would laugh at herself, then she would get up and go over it multiple times until it was perfect. When I mess up I feel really upset at myself and I don’t like that feeling. If I mess up in dance practice, i I forget what I’m supposed to do next because I get all worried. Since my sister taught me that it is ok to mess up, it’s not that big of a deal to mess up anymore. When I mess up, I go home and practice it until I nail it, until it’s almost perfect.

I think to myself it’s ok everybody messes up, nobody is perfect. If you mess up don’t lose confidence and still be proud of whatever you’re doing. Being passionate will get you a long way in life. If you aren’t passionate you will find yourself saying I hate this or I hate that, which isn’t a good thing to say. Having confidence will get you one step farther in life. When you are doing anything trust yourself and know that you can do it.

Messing up isn’t a bad thing, just get back up and try again. These three things aren’t even half of the things my sister Lindsey has taught me. She has influenced my life in a significant way by shaping me into a better person than I was before.