My twin lifestyle

Oliver Palmieri Ms. Lagomarsino English 9/Period 2 1/13/13 Being a Twin Many people think it would be fun being a twin, but in my opinion it’s not. There are many reasons why this up-bringing is not preferred. First, is how I am always associated with my twin’s personal and social life. Second, we are constantly compared to one another. Finally, the time spent with him is rather large.

Those are a few of the reason I do not like being a twin. As you remember, I am always associated with him. When having any conversation with anyone, he is typically mentioned by the other conversationalist. This may even be the start of a conversation such as them asking where my brother is. When people talk about me, (even when I’m not there,) they will, with a high percentage, mention him as well. I am also often expected to know of his whereabouts, thoughts, and actions when I often do not have a clue that would induce an answer.

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With that I am often compared to him as well. Being compared to him is a big averse of mine. Everyone, I know has done this at least once, even my teachers. We are very distinct, so this surprises most people and often makes them proceed to talk even more about our contrasts. This frequently is about sports, academics, and out likes.

We vary so much, that many are even surprised we are twins. With such numerous contrasts we try to spend little time with each other. Spending time with my twin is something I do no prefer. Any sibling knows that it may tend to be painful to be around your other sibling for long or even short amounts of time. This of course was my childhood.

Being children, we were forced to be with one another constantly. We then proceeded to a private school, in which the entire grade was a single class. So not only were we with each other at home, I was with him at school. With so few students, we shared friends. Yet again, even with friends were with each other.

Then, when in middle school, we gained different friends and finally started to detach from one another. Since then, we don’t spend as much time with the other as in past years. This happily was an end to an old, depressing part of my life. Over all, with a twin you will spend more time with him or her than anyone would ever want with anyone. Those are a few short reasons which I disfavor the twin lifestyle. So next time you wish you were a twin, quickly stop.

Next time you think of that, remember how you will be associated, always compared to your other, and the time you will spend with that twin for the rest of your life.