My World History Teacher


Gross is my favorite teacher. He teaches world history, health, current events, and P.E. He is very funny, and cares about his students. He is a great teacher and I pretty cool for grown up.

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Mr.Gross is a really funny teacher, he likes to joke around with all of us. He will make something that could be really boring and make a joke so that we do not have to be serious all the time.Also we listen to music in class and when Taylor Swift plays he sings along because he say that he love her. Mr.

Gross really does care about his students, he helped me get my grade up and pass a test. Also when I had a meltdown in class he let me stay after class ad talk about it till I felt better. During our test he will walk around and help us find the answer in our packets. As well as letting us use our notes during a test. He is a great teacher, he gives us note packets so that we can go over notes at home if we want.

Sometimes he will show videos in class instead of notes so that we do not get bored and stop paying attention. There is not a lot of homework as well. Mr.Gross knows that a lot of the kids we go to school with are in sports and do not have a lot of time to do homework. All Around he is just a awesome adult, he is married and has his life together unlike some adults.

He is still going to school even though he has a job with us, he still want to get a higher education. He does not let stress get to him too bad and that is really hard to do. He has the class do weekly and monthly goals and he does them as well. He shares his goals and that make us want to do our goals and try to achieve them. Mr.

Gross is the best teacher I have had and I would more and likely be failing history if he wasnot my teacher. He cares about his students and not to make sure he has his job, but to make sure they are really learning. He supports all of his students in what they want to do and that is why I admire him.