Teacher Troubles

We all have THAT teacher. You know, the one that no one likes and has zero clue as to why they are still around. The reasons are endless. “She’s mean.” “He talks to loud.

” “She is such a pushover.” “Her class is useless, what’s the point?” While all these things may be true, why are we so upset about it? Teachers go through a LOT for their students. Grade papers, supervise dances, teach for seven hours, make kids pay attention, stop fights, lead fire drills….

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The list goes on and on. And then they’re EXPECTED to do this with a smile on their face EVERY DAY?! Look, I get it, teachers are hard to deal with. But we have much bigger problems in our world. DO you think that the kid dying from cancer really wants to hear about how your algebra teacher is ruining your life? Is the guy whose parents just divorced going to care about your stupid science professor? How about the little girl in Africa who is not even allowed to GO to school? Respect your teachers. Yes, they can be annoying or weird.

Sure, they give too much homework or never shower. But it’s only nine months. Less than that with snow days and vacations. Push through it and be mature. Teachers deserve reverence.

Why not give them some?