Nagawicka Lake

Waukesha County is a wonderful place, full of rich history and great people. Others may argue that Lapham Peak is the best treasure of Waukesha, or even Downtown Delafield. But to me, there is no place more beautiful or full of memories than Nagawicka Lake. Located beside my neighborhood in Nashotah, it could not be more convenient to walk down the path in the woods to get to the pier at the edge of the lake. Armed with only a towel and a bottle of sunscreen, I enjoy endless hours swimming in the kettle with no phone, no responsibilities, and no distractions. I have lived next to Nagawicka Lake since I was a baby, and I have grown up driving the boat around the lake, tubing, and swimming in the “always a little cold at first” water.

Nagawicka Lake is a major treasure of Waukesha because of the memories and calmness it gives. Everyone deserves to enjoy the relaxation of this lake, surrounded by trees and nature. It feels like an inclosed pristine, private, pond. I know when I grown up, I will probably forget about the restaurant I ate at a million years ago, or the park I’d go to swing. But I will never forget all the Sundays I spent out on the lake. Memories, after all, are milestones.

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I grew up in Waukesha County, but mostly, I grew up on the waters of Lake Nagawicka.