Nairobi Industrial area

Ltd for giving me an opportunity for attachment and support they extended during the entire period.

My supervisor at the organization Mr.. Michael Managua for his commitment and guidance to ensure that I acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for executing the various management functions. My sincere gratitude is also extended to the ‘arioso Heads of departments and the entire organization staff members for the co- operation and support they accorded me during my internship period despite of their busy and demanding nature of their work.

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My appreciation also goes to my Emily members and colleagues for their unwavering support and encouraging me to continue pursuing my career. I am greatly indebted to my Supervisor Mr.

. James Noggin for his assistance and guidance during my industrial attachment period that enabled me to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that will go a long way in preparing me to face real live work environment. I also wish to extend my appreciation to The Kenya Institute to Management tort coming up Witt attachment programs which equip students with practical skills for what they learn in class.

PREFACE This is a report of my progress as an intern at Agrarian Agencies (EAI) Ltd. The purpose of this report is to explain what I learned during my attachment period with Agrarian Agencies (EAI) Ltd The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Diploma in Business Management. The report focuses primarily on the assignments handled, working environment, Achievements and challenges that I encountered when handling various tasks assigned to me by my supervisor.

The report is an overview of experience gained, activities carried out at Agrarian Agencies (EAI) Ltd, challenges faced during my attachment erred and how I overcame them. In My attachment I was rotated in all the departments of the organization. 1. 1 AGRARIAN AGENCIES (EAI) LTD Agrarian Agencies (EAI) Ltd is an organization specialized in Importation, distribution, Manhole’s and retailing of a wide variety of Agricultural and industrial machineries and their accessories.

The company was established in 1968 and it is based in Nairobi Industrial area along Lusaka road. It has branches in major towns, in Sum city, Mambas city and Older town.

It has a number of appointed distribution agents in other towns in order to assist in distribution of their products. The organization draws its major customers in the Sugar factories by providing them with Industrial spare parts, in agricultural sector it supplies the tea firms and plantations Ninth various machines and their accessories for ease of their farm work.

In industrial sector the firm provides the manufacturing companies with spare parts for their machinery to ensure the production does not halt due to lack of spares. The firm also targets the automobile industry by ensuring that they have spares in hardy in order to continue with their business without interruptions due to lack of spare parts. The firm obtains its products from different parts of the world and ensures they maintain good relationship with their suppliers and maintains the necessary stock levels in order to cope and satisfy the demands of their customers. .

1. 1 Vision of the Organization or be the leading firm to transform Africa into a prime trade and investment destination 1. 1. 2 Mission Statement or turn Africa risk into opportunity by providing high quality, cost effective Agricultural & industrial equipments. 1 1. 1.

3 Core values Strive to carry out their business with customer focus approach combined with Integrity, creativity, unity of purpose and an attitude of getting it right the first time. 1. 1. Corporate Objectives To consistently focus on our customer needs and provide them with products of the highest quality and standards that ensure they enjoy value for their money. – To transform Africa into a prime trade and investment destination by ensuring steady supply of quality products to our business partners in other sectors To ensure safety of environment and users of our products by providing products which are environmental friendly To invest in research and development in order to design reduces which are cost effective and satisfy the emerging needs of our customers I .

1. SOOT Analysts An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SOOT) was carried out to identify the firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses (internal analysis) in relation to external opportunities and threats (external analysis). This was undertaken with a view to identify and take action to leverage the strengths and opportunities and transform the weaknesses into strengths and threats to be turned into opportunities. This goes a long way in enabling the organization to achieve its Objectives 1. 1.

STRENGTHS rhea main strengths of Agrarian includes the following;- .

Committed and experienced staff. The staff members are committed and have DOD skills and experience in their respective units. It. Proper communication channels: the communication channels are well defined and the management created room for creativity and innovation as well as expressing their opinions freely Introit fear or intimidation. I .

1. 6 WEAKNESSES erne tall was noted to nave a number to weaknesses which includes:- Little room tort growth- The firm does not have well structured policies which provides for promotion and staff growth path.

Any organization must encourage Team work and coordination within all its departments in order to achieve the overall objectives of the business. I learnt to build team work and to cooperate with both the internal and external customers of the organization. 2. 3.

3 SOCIAL RELATIONS rhea staff members are friendly and this in turn creates unity. The senior officers are free and social with the Junior staffs thus making them feel recognized, this enable e to adapt to the environment very quickly.

I learnt that through creation of social relation there is room to learn and perform work easily as this encourages breaks barriers and leads to efficient communication and accomplishment of tasks Respect is highly observed, Staff members respect each other, their seniors and also the public in general. Staff members who perform their duties well are motivated adorably, through recommendation letters, incentives and sometimes promotion. Staffs are also encouraged to upgrade their education.

I learnt that when workers eel appreciated they are able to perform their work with minimum supervision and Maligning. 2. 3. 5 learnt that when organization recognizes the contribution of their employees, they see them as important assets and to be invested in and not a cost to be avoided. Employees with personal needs are to be assisted which boosts their morale and increase their out-put.

The organization has set clear and explicit standards of service that clients (employees) reasonably expect. They always uphold transparency and accountability in service delivery. They always take corrective action on errors