New Chips at Lunch

Last year at my school, different chips were added to school lunches. The new reduced fat chips, such as Doritos Cool Ranch and Doritos Nacho Cheese, are being complained about and left on the cart because students claim they to have less taste. The new chips don’t taste as good to students who are used to the regular chips. Not all the chips are being complained about. The Lay’s Baked chips such as BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, plain Potato chips, and Baked Cheetos, still taste the same to most of the students.

The School could be losing money with the new chip choices because less student are choosing to take the chips. One student said,” They taste bad and back to the chips they were selling before.” The school is ordering more and more reduced fat chips a that are not being taken. They are doing this to get kids to eat healthier, but most students would rather have regular than the reduced fat chips “The reduced fat chips have less flavor and less chips that the oven baked chips,” said another student. Most students will say something about liking neither or the baked chips better than the reduced fat chips when asked.

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The more chips the school orders, the more chips left onthe cart which means that the school will start losing more money with this choice to keep serving the reduced fat.