News Media

Media is one of the fastest growing industries in the world that has had various impacts on the lives of many people across the world.

These effects range from positive effects that have been a source of delight to some negative effects that are simply a nightmare to people’s lives. In deed the media has acted as a focal point in the transformation of the world into a global village by bringing news from all corners of the world to within the grasp of the common man. By doing so, the media has acted as a bridge between man and the world. However, the media has also received heavy criticism for its negative role in the society. The religious people believe that the media is the sole cause of ethical degradation since material such as pornographic pictures and literature is readily available to all members of the society including the unsuspecting innocent children (Blood). Effects of blogging A huge debate has erupted over the effects of various types of news such as blogging.

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While many believe that blogs are particularly a great source of information and fun, some people are on the opposite side of the camp. As a result there are different notions of the effects of blogs. According to researchers blogs are a normal part of everyday life and they may have some positive effects on people (Blood). Blogs give a person a senesce of belonging to a larger social network as most people who follow blogs disclose some very personal and at times intimate information about a person. As a result they give many people the feeling of being integrated to a social network with people of similar interest The researchers have also argued that blogs can make one happier.

As one delves more into the habit of reading blogs and getting the feeling of social integration, one is bound to develop a deeper sense of happiness. It can also improve the relationship with the community as one learns to disclose personal feelings. However, further research reveals that blogs can have negative effects on a person. They are very addictive to the extent of a person missing meals (Downes). This translates to poor body and mental health.

A person may also delve so much into reading and writing blogs as one gets the feeling of connectivity to the extent of allocating no time to do other activities. As a result most people who read and write blogs cut themselves from real social links. Effects of You-Tube As opposed to the traditional modes of dissemination of news, new and faster channels of news such as You Tube have contributed to faster delivery of news. Video clips that have been self produced can now reach millions across the world at just the touch of a button. Millions of these videos are exchanged daily and very crucial messages are disclosed to the world.

As a result, this has caued transparency and accountability within the government as shameful acts such as corruption and treason are easily uncovered (Turkle). The effects of You Tube range from entertainment provided with funny videos to educational and sensitization of people on a global scale. It has helped to unearth frauds committed in the electoral process and helped to stop wars and to solve biting inhumane conditions such as poverty, diseases and civil wars. However there is one shortcoming associated with You Tube. This is brought about by the difficulty to establish the validity of the videos and their sources in a bid to determine if they the information given is genuine.

It is quite easy to doctor a video and distribute it all over the world through web channels such as You Tube. If the doctored videos are incriminating, they can taint the image of an individual, a company or an organization beyond the point of repair. However, the good news is that the management of these web services is taking quick and drastic steps to solve such issues. There is already an ongoing demand for collaboration with private organizations with the necessary tools that can be used to establish the validity of these visual materials (Schrock). Effects of Comedy News and Daily ShowsDaly shows and in particular, comedy shows, have gained a lot of popularity among the vast majority of the citizens.

The shows that are usually aired in comedy central such as the show named Daily Show, which was presented by Jon Stewart, gained so much popularity to the extent of winning various awards including the much coveted Emmy Awards. These comic shows that usually present most current affairs in a satire kind of presentation have been hugely criticized for belittling some major headlines. However, most of the media personalities who host the shows have countered these accusations by stating clearly that their sole purpose for presentation of these shows is purely entertainment. Even in the midst of these accusations, many people still watch these comic shows for their headlines. These people believe that the daily shows enable them to watch the headlines as opposed to the traditional form of news presentation which is, according to them, monotonous and boring to watch. Most of these shows including the Colbert Report, which is presented by Stephen Colbert, are known to inspire the youth who form the majority viewers to think deeper into current political, economic as well as social matters (Anderson).

The daily comic shows have been accredited with the power of shifting the outlook of many people towards major world events. As a result of these shows, most young people have changed their attitudes and their views toward various activities such as politics and are more keen and curious on the drift oof events than they previously were (Downes). These shows are continuing to be influential and they have been found to influence even the voting patterns in different states across the world. Effects of MySpace MySpace is a social networking internet service that provides a platform for people to share their personal information and to interact with others in the world. The internet social networking service has been analyze and found to have both positive and negative effects.

One effect of MySpace is social growth. The sites serve as a platform for meeting new friends and also serve well in strengthening both family and friendly ties. These sites can help person to create and develop his identity by making his or her own personal profile. The site is also a channel for easy communication. In only a short period of time, people from all corners of the world can communicate easily and effortlessly.

However, MySpace just like any other networking site does not lack its own setbacks. One of the worst things about it is the lack of privacy as any person can access your personal information the privacy settings. Given that the site does not help to stop personal information such as pictures, phone number and interests among other things from falling into wrong hands your personal information can be viewed by everyone. Another common disadvantage associated with MySpace is cyber bullying (Downes). The interaction with anonymous people can prove disastrous when a person interacts with people with no sense of decency.

This may result to one having to endure multiple insults from both strangers as well as people who are really close to a person. An example of this is the celebrity stalkers who usually post unspeakable words to the site that are mostly sexual in nature. This may lead to serious incidents of public humiliation to an individual. Conclusion The dispatching of news and information is a very important part of the modern world especially considering the era we are in. Media services have grown and widened their scope to include social sites such as You Tube and MySpace which have made the distribution of information easier and faster.

These social networking sites are known to boost communication and to improve the social growth of individuals. They are also known to pose serious threats to the pricy of people as well as to isolate people from physical contact with the outside world. Other common sectors of the media that are important in communication such as blogging pose serious addictive capacity and may even lead to health issues. The use of daily comic shows as a means of conveying news has also been welcome by some and disregarded by others. As the struggle to contain the media continues, the media also continues growing bigger and bigger.