NHS service speech

When inducted into the prestigious NHS organization you not only have to fulfill the three pillars of character, leadership and scholarship, but you must also meet the required amount of service without any pay or material goods in return. When called to serve, many may see it as an inconvenience for themselves, but you must ask yourself is this the true meaning of community service? True community service is an attitude in which every member of the NHS must possess.

Of course there will be Saturdays when you would rather sleep in instead of collecting canned goods for the food pantry. However, when your days as an NHS member are completed you will be able to look back on something you have done and realize it was worthwhile and you have made a difference. As you become the newest generation of our school’s NHS, you must not waste a moment longer and begin your journey in service not only in your community, but in your household and country as well. Taking part in service activities will make a difference to you and to those around you, so as new inductees into NHS take on your duty of service with the right attitude for the betterment of others.

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