Niche target markets

Has a convincing power to customers why they should patronize their services rather than their competitors’. Has the ability to generate greater value for the firm and its shareholders.

Has surplus funds built up over a number of years. Has a unique and relevant strategy. Knows how to listen to customers.

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Protects any data collected against mishandling and fraud, and respect the references of customers regarding the use of their information. Even in bad times, communication remains strong. Rapid technological or cultural change can give your selling proposition a short shelf life.

Common tactics might lead to buyers dismissing the organization out of hand. Hackers that reduce a system’s information assurance. Greater social pressure is associated with lower financial performance. Unable to deal with multi-disciplinary assignments because of size or lack of ability.

Good customers don’t always pay on time. Lack of competitive strength Insufficient financial resources to fund changes Neck or unrecognizable image New products or services to existing customers and to new customers.

Competitors’ ‘limitlessness Technology development Global influences in terms of tourism Niche target markets reheats: Firms must abide the local rules and regulations of the countries in which they operate. Continuous change in trends. Near, competition and market changes, weather (I. E. Hurricanes, flooding, etc. ).