Organizational Markets

Introduction The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is Southern Nevada’s certified destination marketing organization that promotes tourism, meetings, conventions, special events and continuing advocacy to extend the city as the leading hospitality and tourism destination. Driving the tourism engine that fuels the economy of Southern Nevada necessitates that Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority will be dedicated to protecting and building the Las Vegas brand amongst its different audiences of present and potential visitors. The LVCVA has over 150,000 hotel rooms in LA alone and more than 10.6 million square feet of space for meetings and exhibitions in the whole city. The mission of LVCVA is to attract the ever-growing number of people who visit the area either for leisure or business. This paper discusses whether or not the website for LVCVA has a separate section for organizational purchases, and how the information in this section varies from that in their consumer site.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority get both individual and group visits, each with diverse needs. This website offers all the information needed regarding these two groups of visitors in one section. While some visitors go there for leisure (shopping, holiday etc.), others visit the place for important events like business meetings, seminar, training etc. Though the information on organizational purchases and consumers are on the same page, the website, however, provides detailed information that suits the specific needs of each of these groups.

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For instance, the website provides a free comprehensive but easy to read guide that shows the various facilities and services available in Las Vegas, a map to show the visitors their way around, as well as information on the benefits of holding events/having holidays in Las Vegas. In general, this site is very comprehensive, providing all the relevant information needed to market Las Vegas as the leading hospitality and tourism destination. I am optimistic that with this kind of information, more and more people will find LV a city worth visiting.