No Homework

Have you ever thought that teachers give us kids too much homework? Well teachers shouldn’t be giving us any homework.

We already get enough work at school. Both kids and teachers would like it. It also takes up a lot of our free time. Don’t we already have to work enough at school? Yes, homework does help us a little, but that is what school is for. Not homework! Besides, many kids don’t bother to do their homework. Both teachers and students would like it better this way.

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Teachers wouldn’t have to grade as much work anymore. Kids wont have to worry about doing their homework right after school. It stresses us all out, even the parents. They have to help their children and worry about them doing it before they get bad grades. Everybody that’s involved with homework would do a lot better without it.

Homework takes up much of our free time after school. We already spend most of our lives in school, so why should we get work for after school? If we didn’t have it, it would give us more time to hang out with family, friends and fun. You need to spend more time with your parents and become closer with them. You do see most of your friends at school, but some probably, you don’t. You could loose those friends because of homework. It gives us a chance to participate in extra activities, such as sports.

It wouldn’t stress us out as much because we wont always have to rush to get things done. So do you think having homework is really worth learning just a little bit when it could stress you out, give you less free time and just more work when we have school? I don’t think so. Pleas no more homework. No homework.