Is too Much Homework a Problem?

Students all around the world dread doing homework and would do anything just to have one day with no homework. But, I think we all know that this possibility is really rare. Parents and teachers just don’t know the pain we go through each night after school.

And, sometimes this pain can continue through the weekend. Homework is a horrible problem to many kids everywhere. And, each kid has their own reason to why this problem affects them. How would you like to go to school five days a week and then come home and do homework all night long? I am sure that no one would like this, but sadly this happens. Kids work all day doing class work then come home to work all night doing homework! Research says that more and more kids are getting stressed because they are getting double or even triple the amounts of homework they need, which can result in staying up later.

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And, some kids have after school sports or activities then come home to loads of homework! Not only do we have the problem of all night home work, but studies say that too much homework can ruin a kid’s social opportunities! Kids spend many hours each night doing their homework and before you know it the day is over and then there’s no time to hang with friends! Sure most of us have cell phones to text or call friends, but it really isn’t as fun as seeing them face to face. And, cell phones can distract kids from getting their homework done faster. There are many schools all around the world noticing how homework can effect on kids. Some teachers are lowering the amount of homework and kids are finally getting their lives back. Kids are able to get more sleep and start to become stress free! Sometimes you can’t see the difference, but just know that it has made student’s lives much easier.

So here is one question that I would like to ask. Why can’t this happen at our school?