Why Do Teachers Give Out Homework?

Every time I come home from there is one thing I dread every day.. Homework.

A specially when every teacher gives homework. I don’t Like Homework. i have to work about like 3 hours maybe even more than that…

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that’s why I don’t like homework. Why Do Kids Hate Homework? We Got a Ton Of results with a survey on homework. There were questions like why do you hate homework or what is a solution for homework. 71% of kids said that they hated homework and 28% said sometimes. This proves that most kids hate home work and they also think that we should not have homework in schools.

After that I asked if they do homework and 57% of Kids do homework and 47% don’t do homework. This proves that since half of students don’t do homework that maybe students shouldn’t even get homework. We also had a lot of results on solutions for homework. someone said “instead of doing it at home, do it for class work.. Like more class work.

” Another student said “go Over the homework in class instead of doing it at home” these quotes all show solutions for homework. But there is still another problem… Why do teachers give homework? “So we can get extra help on what we are learning in class” this is a good reason to get homework.

But students stills think that we should not get homework. The final answer is that we should not get homework because we have so many solutions for homework and half of students don’t even do homework.