No More Homework

It’s always been the harbinger for a terrible day ahead. It’s always been part of the reason why so many kids are failing in their studies. What is this mysterious thing I am talking about? That’s right you guessed it! It’s homework! Hooray! Actually, no.

no one likes homework. No one I know anyways. Homework is truly the reason that so many kids are failing their studies. In fact, I recently watched a TV show all about homework. A recent study DOES in fact show that without homework, many kids could make it each and every school year. Not only have professionals proven it but I can prove it too.

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I have recently had the permission to take a gander at a few kids’ report cards in my science class and other subjects. Hmmmm, let’s see. Passing in class participation, passing in class work, and passing in starters. But, what’s that? Oh, I know. That’s the homework section which has given them a solid D .

Same goes for just about every other report card I looked at. This, of course, proves my point. Now I am not arguing this point because I have a D and don’t do my homework. In fact, I get solid A’s and B’s. So then, why give homework if it only appears to do more harm then good? Well, teachers give it in order to teach responsibility, integrity, and to reinforce our understanding of the topic. That does make sense but I’m not giving up just yet.

I still have a long ways to go before I’m finished here. Homework puts a lot of stress on me, my siblings, and my family, yes, believe it or not, my family is affected too. Homework is like a thousand pound anvil weighing down on my shoulders. Now that I’m in 8th grade, it really brings the heat. And I know that it will only get worse.

My family feels my stress and the reaction isn’t exactly a basket full of sunshine. Homework puts me in a bad mood and, like a flesh eating virus, passes over to my family. Back to older citizens talking about homework and the affects of it on humans, a 41 year old man named Jeff Opdyke hates it when his kids are given homework. He quotes, “No, it’s that the volume of homework and tests that fill his docket is, in a word, ridiculous.” He also quotes, “I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point U.S.

schools decided that if you can’t teach aˆ?em, test aˆ?em…or pile on more homework. Since I can’t compile any more of his pure gold article into this article, I must move on but his point is clearly stressed and has a very similar complaint to my own. Now the next topic. This is probably the most commonly talked about aspect of homework. The amount of time it cuts away at our social life, exercise (also mentioned by Jeff Opdyke), and family time. SCHOOL is made for learning, not home.

And, oh yeah, I sure do want to learn how to isolate for a variable and write algebraic expressions for roughly three hours every night. This is what I do on top of other homework from other classes besides Algebra. I get about six hours of sleep a night and about four to five hours of time when I get home from school. Anywhere from two to four of these hours are spent with my nose in a textbook and my brain on overdrive. Then there’s the dreaded weekend homework.

If we are doing homework all throughout the week, why don’t we get a break over the weekends? Or perhaps you, like me, have asked your teacher if she/he could give you and your class a break for the weekend. Well, the answer is, and always will be, no. too bad so sad, right? Wrong! We suffer and get that gut feeling that they are performing a horrendous evil laugh inside and are pleased to see the extinguished looks on our faces. So my point is clearly proven here. But it’s not like we will ever get a break.

In fact, it will only get worse. Although this was quite a “sorrowful” and “down in the dumps” article, I think I’ve proven my point. P.S – Show a teacher this! (Not really, just kidding)