Nokero case study

The World Nonzero is a global enterprise that design, manufactures and distributes safe, affordable and environmentally friendly solar based technologies. The use of solar energy eliminates the need to use harmful substances such as kerosene to light up homes as they have a negative impact on the surrounding environment and the health of those in it. Nat market segments should the company focus on for profitable growth? Market segments involves dividing the broader global market into sub markets which notation consumers with similar requirements.

Nonzero can quite easily split the market geographically in order to sell to parts of the world with lower incomes and lower living standards. These regions might include large parts of Africa as a lot of the rural areas are deprived with a lot of people living in absolute as well as relative poverty. The climate of the market also compliments the product as it experiences high levels of light and sunshine which would increase the productivity and efficiency of the light bulbs.

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Another geographical area Nonzero should concentrate on is Asia and South East Asia, the reason being that the manufacturing plant is based in close proximity so the distribution time and transport cost would be somewhat reduced making it yet more affordable for those groups of consumers and more profitable for Nonzero. Thirdly, Nonzero should concentrate on Latin America as it has a big pool of consumers with increasing incomes for whom the price will be more and more affordable over time.

Another consideration might be setting up a manufacturing Lana that could supply South America and Western Africa while the Chinese plant can concentrate on the markets of East Africa and Asia. Having said all the above, it is quite apparent that Nonzero has been concentrating on the market segments mentioned from the get go, but having had the success it has with those consumers, the only obvious move would be to increase their presence and supply into these markets in order to build on their success.

On the other hand, the importance of Knocker’s presence in the western world is Just s important as it is for the less developed world. The reason being is that the large buyers such as big charities are going to obtain a lot of funding from the western Nor in order to purchase the lamps.

For this reason, Nonzero needs to focus on the developed world as it could be a root of their ingest revenues. The fact that Nonzero is a monopoly meant it can create brand loyalty efficiently as long as it sticks to its mission statement Create brand loyalty in customers Go to large gobos to sell