Nomis Advertisement

In mid 2007, Nomis, a sports equipment manufacturer and supplier based in Australia, launched an indoor soccer shoe brand called Nomis Futspeed. It was a breakthrough product and very stylish in its design. In addition, it promised to improve the performance of the athletes who would wear it. Since Nomis Futspeed was a one-of-its-kind product, it required a bold marketing strategy.

Drawing on the theme of enhanced performance and style, the subsequent advertising campaign proved to be a hit with the audience. This paper describes, analyzes and discusses some aspects of the advertisement poster (seen on the first page). Description First and foremost, the advertisement contains the bold message “Warning, May Seriously Improve Your Game”. These words are then followed by the picture of the shoe itself. The names of the manufacturer as well as that of the shoe brand are also displayed just below the picture of the shoe.

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In addition, the attributes of the shoe and its advantages (typed in small print) are also included in the poster. From the poster, it’s clear that the shoe (the product being advertised) is given more importance than the manufacturer. The message, promising enhanced performance, is written boldly and takes up a larger space of the poster, dominating the whole advertisement. As a result, it serves as the initial focal point for the audience. These words are viewed directly, which clearly demonstrates the directness of the message that is to be passed across.

The advertisers used a good combination of words and pictures to make sure that the full message is conveyed; the shoe, manufacturer, attributes and why people should go for it. Analysis The inclusion of the word ‘Warning’ in bold letters does a good job of attracting attention even for persons who may not be involved in the game itself. The picture of the shoe is placed just below these ords. Since the audience, after seeing the words, are probably curious about what game will be improved, this picture just serves to increase this curiosity. This curiosity would only be satisfied after seeing the name of the shoe. The attributes and advantages of the shoe are meant to convince them that the shoes indeed would improve their soccer experience.

While the advertisement was primarily meant for soccer lovers and players, this message probably caught many other people’s attention. The advertisement tries to convince the former that their game can be ‘seriously’ improved if they wore those shoes at play time. Drawing on the appeal of the need to achieve, the advertisement promises them that their success and improvement is almost guaranteed. This message is clearly stated by the sponsor of the advertisement. With the promise of improved performance, wearers of these shoes will be be able to improve their playing ability due to its unique characteristics. The tone of the advertisement is undoubtedly upbeat.

The advertisers are upbeat about the qualities of the shoes and almost guarantee a better soccer experience for the audience. This tone is clearly put across by the focal point (‘Warning, may seriously improve your game’). It can be said that this message plays a bigger role in convincing the audience to go for the product than the picture itself. For a sport’s person, who would normally want to constantly improve his/her performance, this appeal simply serves its purpose. It is fair.On top of just being skillful in sports, it is always crucial for athletes to have equally good sportswear, and it is particularly true of shoes.

In fact, a very skillful athlete but wearing the wrong kind of shoes will perform poorly. Therefore, the message of the advertisement is logical. The shoes are ideal for soccer; they will thus improve the wearer’s performance. The words at the focal point, act as an enthymeme. It can be argued “May seriouusly improve your game” means that those soccer players who would not wear Nomis Futspeed’ would remain at their current playing levels, unlike those who would go for them (will improve). This improvement is achieved due to the shoe’s unique design specifically meant to overcome shoe-related performance issues.

This uniqueness indeed will improve performance of the athlete, assuming that he/she was being hampered by having non-ideal shoes. The unique attributes, such as more comfort and better grip, have been outlined in the advertisement itself. The manufacturer backed these claims up by outlining the design technique in the advertisement. Since soccer is primarily played using the feet, the importance of shoes cannot be overestimated. Thus, the logic behind the manufacturer’s claim of improved performance is actually true. The ad is actually believable.

This is because it clearly outlines what the shoes can do, why and how. The fact that the design technique was included in the ad makes it credible. Additionally, the sponsors included the picture of the shoes so that the audience can actually decide for themselves if those claims are backed up. Such a strategy makes the ad ethically fair. The use of all these components makes the ad successful.

This is because the audience’s curiosity is answered as they have been given all the necessary information, i.e. in words and in pictures. As a result, it can be said that the sponsor would be proud of it. Rather than just raise curiosity, the ad successfully convinces the audience to buy the product. As a soccer player myself, I would buy the product.

This is because it addressed the issues that I have always faced, such as discomfort and poor grip.Conclusion The ad discussed above was designed by ‘Hello Media’. It actually received positive response from the audience with the company experiencing increased orders and sales. These results can be attributed to the ad’s all-inclusive approach.