Nursing Case Studies

I am currently an internal auditor in Wakulima Youth Foundation. This organization is for the people and by the people. It means that it does have a flat structure.

This is so because the organization has few management levels. This gives the opportunity for employees to have autonomy. Its flat structure suggests that the management system is likely to be decentralized. This means that the workers do not rely on a given individual to plan and direct the foundation in a certain direction. This is to the benefit of the organization and also at the individual level (Ferguson, 2006).

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The organization has both formal and informal structures in the sense that the formal bit deals with how the subordinate and authority relate whereas the informal deals with youth’s project groups. This foundation is not bureaucratic. On the contrary, it practices adhocracy. This is so because it has few hierarchies and does not have a specified way of handling everyday problems. The organization has three levels of management namely, low, top and median with multiple managers at the low and middle levels (Ferguson, 2006). Mariner advocates for various changes in the leadership and management styles of the nursing industry.

She encourages the use of strategies like; delegation, evidence-based practice, recruitment and retention among others. As the patient care coordinator, I will encourage my nurses to communicate and inquire from the technicians about how they handle their work. I will also encourage the technicians to train and educate the nurses on how to implement some of their skills through evidence-based practice. Thereafter when the nurses follow the procedures, thetechnicians can delegate some of their duties to them. The delegation will help the nurses perfect their skills.

This will save the organization the cost of hiring technicians next time they need to undertake such a move.