Observational Case Study: Knowing the School-Aged Child

Permanent teeth start to erupt, both molars and front teeth. Emotional Development May have unpredictable mood swings. Is quite sensitive to criticism. Has a problem admitting a mistake. Feels guilty about mistakes. Social Development Evaluates self and friends.

Starts to make rules for play activities. Cooperates with other children with some difficulty. Has trouble considering the feelings of others. Values Independence. Mental Development Likes to be responsible for simple household chores.

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Likes to make simple decisions. Counts to 100.

Asks lots of “how-what-when-where-why” questions. Continues to refine concepts of shape, space, time, color, and numbers. Starts to understand the difference between intentional and accidental.

Starts to understand differences of opinion. Has a short attention span (about 15 minutes maximum). Enjoys dramatic play. 7 Years Old pansy ca Development Has better large muscle than small muscle coordination. Rides a bicycle.

Starts to alternate rigorous and restful activities independently. Favors competitive games. Has better eye-hand coordination.

May ask questions about life, death, and the human body. Preoccupied with subject of teeth. Emotional Development Gets better at putting negative feelings into words.

May blame another for own mistake. Plays with boys and girls together. Usually has a best friend of the same sex. Shows growing concern about popularity among peers. Seeks approval of peers as well as adults.

Takes it upon self to enforce rules. Tattles on other children who are misbehaving. Tends to be quite critical. Starts to look for role-models. Rapidly develops skill in using language.

Wants to be “first,” “best,” “perfect,” “correct,” in everything. Is greatly concerned with right and wrong. Has trouble with the concepts of honesty and dishonesty. Starts to use logical reasoning to solve problems. 8 Years Old Accident prone, especially on the playground.

Has more control over small muscles. Writes and draws with more skill. Has a casual attitude toward clothing and appearance. Seems to be all hands and arms. May be concerned about height and weight. Seems to have boundless energy.

Starts to realize that others also feel angry, afraid, or sad.

Is easily embarrassed. Gets discouraged easily. May put themselves down or be very modest. Can be argumentative and bossy.

Can be generous and responsive. Shows greater ability to understand the needs and opinions of others. Always seeking compatible friends. Especially Likes to Delano to Internal “clouds” Torment Day c Noreen themselves. A likes to belong to more structured adult-led groups such as Scouts.

Starts to display a sense of loyalty. Enjoys secrets. Shows some hostility toward the opposite sex. May question duty to help with household chores. Is often idealistic.

Is keenly interested in projects and collections.

Is proud of completing tasks. Resists adult guidance at times. 9 Years Old Has greater small muscle coordination and better dexterity. Favors active, highly-charged games and sports. Wants to excel in sports, hobbies, and games. Is more interested in clothing and appearance.

Laughs at bathroom humor. Becomes self-absorbed and introspective. Tends to be critical of self. Takes comfort in knowing others have similar feelings. Have ideas and interests independent from parents.

Does not like anything “different”.

Wants to talk, dress, and act Just like friends. Is involved in informal clubs and small groups of the same sex. Starts to Just sit and talk with friends. Uses reference books with increasing skill. Gets immersed in a hobby or project, then drops it for another.

May be a perfectionist. Generally follows instructions. Develops own standards of right and wrong. Is highly concerned about fairness. Correlation Canon study Name: Date: Direction: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. The following are the developmental task of Filipino childhood during 9 years old.