OCD (Obsessive,Compulsive,Disorder

OCD(Obsessive,Compulsive Disorder) I touched the floor. Are you completely sure? No, not really but I have to wash my hand. Wait why do you have to wash your hands.

You forgot I’m OCD remember. Right okay cool with me just when you’re done wash your hands again to be sure not even that I think some of it got in your hair. Just rinse to be sure I’ll met you in school. The cosmetic industry often harm kids with OCD it’s an unnecessary harm designed to hurt others. Minority of kids think OCD is minor.

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Butwhat they realize is that there hurting and wanting OCD kids to be sorrow. Just by stating that you hate them it’s stuck to them forever they just think and think about it. Ocd is not a minor disorder There are many major contributing factors to OCD. OCD is really important as is it’s a mental illness to the brain. OCD is not just a easy fix it’s a symptom stuck to you. Imagine taking a test, your anxious as a OCD kid is consumed they are revising and doing it again until they are sure of the outcome.

OCD is a huge disorder that is taking for granted people truly think that it is minor and they don’t even know what OCD really is. If you have a minor OCD or a major OCD it’s important for you people to know what is the downfall of OCD. ” A Lot of these symptoms can lead to a bully in your head”.(“OCD: It’s like Having a Bully inside Your Head”). The encountering bully OCD kids experience many difficulties encountering bullies. There minds in a corner only thinking of what the bully had said led to depression.

Not only are you making them feel bad you’re stating that they’re different from you. “Studies show that a bully is three times likely to bully achild with ocd”.(“Kids With OCD Bullied More Than Others, Study Shows”). ” Why is that,you ask it’s because of the the difference, kids try to target other kids who are not the same from them”(“Lightspeed Systems – Web Access”).Bully are a big cause of the ocd mind it’s mainly why kids with ocd don’t like to share their disorder .

The Fear in the OCD Mind With OCD you have to be ready what comes for you.OCD is a endless behavior or thought that’s in a repetitive matter it just cycles and cycles endlessly. OCD is a non controllable fear,images,or thoughts that they cannot control. ” Thoughts may occur due to the person’s life”.(Lightspeed Systems – Web Access).Even daily routine, cleaning and checking if trespasser pass by.

All of that can cause stress which cod kids can get over with coming in love with items to play with to get there mind off. OCD the choice is yours As can be seen OCD is not minor it is a big disorder. OCD is such a big deal it is the cause of depression or anger threw his or her life. OCD it not to be tempered with especially if you are a bully. So to help our society are you going to be OCD helper or a OCD trouble maker. “Kids With OCD Bullied More Than Others, Study Shows.

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