Of Trees and Penguins

Some people who choose this topic are known to be called “nature lovers” and found to be synonymous with tree hugging individuals. This is an unusual way to show gratitude toward nature nowadays.

But appreciation of nature can be depicted and expressed in many forms, no matter how odd they may be. The word “nature” is derived from the Latin name “natura” or “natus” meaning to be born. The definition of the word now is “the phenomena of the physical world collectively”. But the word has different meanings. In the story Shel Silverstein depicts nature as more of a thing that has actual feelings. ” and the tree was happy.

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” This quote from the book indicates that the tree was able to feel emotions just as humans do. The boy that interacts with the tree throughout the story does not feel quite the same way though. In the beginning the boy loved the tree, but as the boy grew older he utilized the tree for his own happiness . He took the tree apart over time until nothing was left but an old stump. The boy never had thanked the tree for her usefulness to him and in the end the tree still loved him.

Appreciation of nature is not shown in the story, yet it is somehow taught through the loving nature of the tree. Nature provides many necessities that humans need to survive, such as food and shelter . That alone should be enough for the boy to appreciate the tree. Silverstein shows his own appreciation of nature by providing insight of how useful it is to us. Nature is also appreciated in other ways, such as beauty. ” Kaleidoscope decor from natures score” and ” what I ask is natures purpose? I dwell in God’s churches.

” are quotes from the poem by Leaking Pen. In these few words Pen tells the wonder and loveliness of nature. The poet compares it to looking in a kaleidoscope , a toy that can show many different patterns of color. Then they say that when looking for natures purpose they “dwell in God’s churches”. Perhaps they are comparing the stillness and peacefulness of a church sanctuary to the sanctuary that nature provides. There are other forms of nature that can be peaceful but also breathtaking, such as mountains, oceans, and wildlife.

One of the best examples of nature is the movie directed by Luc Jacquet. This movie documents the life of penguins and how they overcome all the obstacle in their way with just willpower . This documentary was very moving and emotional for most people and it made them appreciate what they had in life as well as in nature. Nature is often taken for granted and is seen only as a resource for us to use as we wish. There are others who understand that if we do not start to appreciate it now we may not get a chance to in the future.

Everyone has a different form or way to express their appreciation of nature. Some write stories or poems and movies. Others will just walk up to a tree and hug it.