One bodacious barnacle

He is the one that burgeons.I am the one that seizes its growth.

One bodacious barnacle that defies the book. One against the brigade. One That outlasts out wills, and out lives. From sea to shining sea its battles go unnoticed, but hard fought all the same. Their bullies are known.

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Shells hard, they are one with the sea floor.The push left and they push right as they earn their right to every last inch. Creating its bodacious presence amongst the others. Give less than its all and for sure it will fall into the vast trench where the sun can not go deep deep deep into the oceans crease. When I sleep and everything is still, going is the bodacious barnacle. when the snails come and takes its friends, still it remains one triomphant soul.

one who outlasted outwilled and outlived. one bodacious barnacle.