Opinion Essay

Opinions about school break Summer break all most parents are ok for first few weeks than they are like when does this end. How does the length of the break have affect on you.

Many say longer the break the less will remember others say there should be no break. Then the last idea people usually say that I somewhat agree with is to have longer of a break just split up between the school year. When it comes to break all students should do it so your not burnt out. The first thing I think about summer break is it’s to short. When I have my summers I usually never get enough time to hangout with friends or do all the stuff I want. In schools like in “Finland theirs is a 15 minute break after every 45 minutes of teaching which those breaks help so much because after the kids come back from there break there not as much like zombies and they don’t really drag their feet and there more focused and Finland has been doing this since the 1960s”.

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And that’s how “Finland keeps kids focused through all the free play”. When your not doing school break it’s bad for you because your not taking time to take the rest and relaxing you need. While during school break you should always rest and take time to cool down from all the non-stop homework and all of the overwhelming due dates. But while doing long breaks instead ofhaving small breaks spread out to add up well with long breaks more people fall farther behind and don’t remember as much.I agree with long breaks but if you have more shorter spread out breaks would actually help manys learning.

While thinking about breaks I just like the idea of longer breaks since then I will have more time to plan out stuff with friends and it would be easier and nicer. With longer time planning is better you have more family time and you also can get more stuff done around the house. To have a longer summer break means you should have more time to rest but you should also keep up with what’s going on In real life. And you should try to work a little around the house.