'Over population causes problems"

Imagine what would the world be like if we doubled our population? Over Population is when there are too many people in the world or in one place it also means that we can’t control it. Over population can cause many problems. Over population causes problems within our natural resources. The effects are global warming because more dirty air creates hotter temperatures in the Artic and ice caps. Also there are so many factories making products and more population means more factories working at once.

If all the factories are working at once then that means the climate will change. As you can see over population can cause tons of pollution for humans. Over population can cause a loss of many of our resources. Our good supply will be limited. Water will run out and there will be many droughts.

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It can also cause a loss of our esources like oil and gas. Because of overpopulation there will be less housing. Therefore as you can see America and the world would lose many supplies. If we doubled our population many more people will be living in houses because of this. There would be fewer resources like oil and gas will run out also electricity would.

Around the world there would be more violence because people will be fighting over food, tools etc. Foods would be hard to come by. Therefore over population can cause much devastation.