Over-population Schools

Dear sister, I’m Karma, your elder brother. I am fine here and hopefully, you’re fine too. Today I would like to tell you about the current issue that has been affecting student’s learning, test scores, and behavior which is very crucial to you and your future: the issue is overcrowding. Overcrowding is when the enrollment rate more than capacity. Overcrowded schools are a serious issue in the United States. I know you’re still young and don’t know anything about it but slowly you will know.

Overcrowded schools in America are like a public bus in Nepal, where we came from, no matter whether you paid for first class or not, you must stand for your whole trips due to overcrowded. You can’t just sit peacefully unless your tourist. In other words, no matter wherever you sit in the classroom, still you can’t concentrate or focus at all due to overcrowded. Similarly, teaching in an overcrowded classroom can be frustrating, overwhelming, and stressful for the teacher as well. As you’re my little sister, I would highly recommend you to go to a non-overpopulated school where you can get education peacefully.

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What I mean by peacefully? Student concentration is adversely affected when classrooms are over capacity and I have seen teachers spending most of their time managing the overcrowded classroom, instead of teaching the lesson. According to the Georgia School Boards Association, students passing the tests of reading and math proficiency was two to nine percentage points lower than non-overcrowded schools. Moreover, Due to overcrowded, schools use media center, lunchroom, and trailer as classrooms. The problem is that these rooms are not always equipped with whiteboards, desks, or other classroom resources necessary for student learning. Personally, I have faced many problems due to overcrowded.

For example, I was late to the class couple of time and I waited on long line for food, once I got food, the bell rang and I threw my lunch because I didn’t have enough time. Sister, I don’t want that to happen to you. Clearly, overpopulation school is not a good option for you to attend and get a good education. However, to prevent overcrowding, you should talk to your teachers, counselor, and principal about the overcrowding issue. There are many ways to solve the overpopulation problem. We can solve the problem by adding trailers and sending students to another school where they belong to.

For instance, some students live in tucker, stone mountain, and Snellville but they still come to our high school by using the wrong address. If your school able to send those students where they belong to then probably there will be more space in the building. In addition, all classrooms should use computers and interactive learning methods so that everyone can get involved with what’s being taught. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am looking forward to getting your input on this issue on upcoming days. Thank you. Sincerely, Karma T.