The Effects of Over Population

Do you ever wonder if the world will be overpopulated or if our space will become limited? What will happen to all our resources? The purpose of this essay is to show the effect of overpopulation on the world. The planet’s space will soon run out. People will have to share space.

There won’t be much nature left or any other private places left, such as your rooms, parks, and any recreation centers. People would begin to fight over space and become aggressive. There would be so much violence that a civil war could start. In the end, people would fight for what’s available. The resources could soon run out. Humans can’t produce fast enough.

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The people will eat more food than we can produce. Since people can’t produce fast enough our food supplies could run out. There would be no food for people and they would grow hungry. World hunger would become our most pressing problem. People will kill each other to survive.

We would need food and humans are very vulnerable. There won’t be enough food and people will struggle to make it. As you can see, overpopulation can badly affect the world and put us in great danger. Humans will kill to survive. The food will soon run out. The world will go to war over food.

Society will be chaotic. Over population can have a really negative effect on all of us.