Packing for Mars

Packing for Mars As many stories we have read, or movies we have seen such as: Apollo 17, Apollo 18, and Interstellar, have a connection to Packing For Mars in events that has the reader wanting to seek for more drama as time seals to the end. With little reputation in a big city and corporation, it is very important to complete one objective and the task everyone seems to over think of.

Curiosity is what persuades the reader, in this case, to have certain predictions of what it would feel like to observe the “red planet” just as everyone is so eager to find out about. In addition, very similar to the movie, October Sky because of the goal being targeted in the amazing, classic movie.The conflicts that have happened in this book are very ironic due to the fact everyone seems to fall in one category of conflict. Drama after drama, it gives the audience hope for a continuation to such an amazing beginning. With more understanding of the story, the harder it is to put the book down even for only one second. As author Mary Roach sucks you into the book, she tends to give everything away, but only with a visual image in your head to concentrate and give an amused outcome.

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The structure is well-organized because of the theme, and to give the audience an expectation towards what will happen through future events. Much like many stories, it is very often that people make predictions about the ending and situations with any specific characters. Characters Frank, Jim, and Lee are on a mission to see Mars’ troubles and to get any proof.Three very smart and open-minded people have been elected to fulfill a challenge NASA knows they can handle. Furthermore, the story being similar to movies, space has never been so interesting to learn about just as much as to talk about.

More investigation has been done throughout time, but a big introduction was brought up when the invention of seeing Mars from Earth was represented.From very sad moments of fear and death, to success and tears of joy, the author makes this very clear and emotional for all-age audiences. The ending is ironic, but that’s for everyone else to find out to show our expectations aren’t always correct. The story is full of very odd, unheard of, and dark creatures symbolizing something evil, but only a certain age will understand the symbolism. This book would go for an audience who enjoys to solve mysteries because of the puzzled plot events that Mary Roach seems to dash at you at certain moments.