Paid to Play

“Twelve seconds left the score 52-51 Butler leads Duke here in Lucas Field, Indiana for the National Championship game.” The announcer, Curt Menafee of CBS exclaimed in great anticipation. Kyle Singler, the star point guard for Duke, stood at mid-court with the ball bouncing from his hands. He took the off-balanced shot from three-point line with a swarm of defenders, the stalking eyes of all the people saw as the orange sphere went threw the net.

College athlete should be paid to play. First of all College athlete range from 17-23 years old and some come from poor families and getting the money to play could pay college expenses and they could help their own family. Second of all most college athletes play their hearts out whether it’s on the field, the stadium etc. Finally University’s make the money of the athlete’s success, so they should receive some of that money. It is as plain as the nose on your face college athlete’s deserves to be paid. First and foremost college athletes could benefit with the given money.

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David Nelson, a star wide receiver out of Florida University, suffered through major college loans that caused his family to file for bankruptcy just, however that wasn’t even enough. David now plays for the Buffalo Bills and his family is still bouncing back from the bankruptcy. David Nelson himself proclaimed that if he was ever paid for playing football in college this catastrophe would have never happened. In a recent poll from the Time Magazine people agree with David Nelson since nearly 65% of the people said yes that college students should be paid. Also on a recent survey from North Carolina University 80% of the student there said they should be paid. The cards are on the table some college student could really use the money.

Secondly, college athletes play with a big heart and with great pride. In an ESPN survey from 2009 it says college player play 56% more enthusiasm the big leaguers. ESPN’s sports analyst Mike Wilbon quoted “College players are like employees they work and therefore they should be paid.” Research shows that if college players were paid they would not commit crimes to earn money. As you can tell college player’s play like it’s a job and they should be paid. Finally if college players win, the school makes the money and college players should receive some of the sum amount.

Research shows that if a college teams win it all, the school makes all the profits. In a recent poll by Dartmouth University, colleges make about 89% profits and the other 11% goes to the other accessories for colleges. The writing is on the wall and colleges need to be paid for many reasons. Students could benefit with the money to payoff college expenses, while they could also help their families. Finally if they give all effort to win a title, which helps the school gain a lump sum of money, then they deserve there share.

The cards are set on the table and it’s time for college athletes to get paid.