Argumentative Essay on Paying College Athletes

Do you think that college athletes should get paid? I think college athletes should get paid because they work as hard as people in major league sports players. They should also get paid for injuries because they could get hurt easily. Money is the thing that colleges and athletes bring that is what they bring in money so why can’t they have any of the money? I think that college athletes should get paid because they work hard in games and in practice. When athletes work hard in games you know they worked hard in practice. When they work hard in Practice they work hard in everything . They need practice to be good in whatever sport they play when the team works their hardest the team works to win.

Practice makes perfect when they try their hardest in practice it rubs on them and they will bring that practice in a game. An average college player would practice 40 hours on his game and that’s the same for a fully employed worker. They don’t even have to work that much but they choose to work hard on there game and practice as much as they possibly can. And they have to stay in school to and study so that they can stay on the team. It takes more time to study then they do to work on there game that they have to play but they work hard in both and the deserve to get paid for all of the hard work that they do I believe that athletes should get paid.

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Because they can get really easily they could break bones and bruise things so they can’t play. How are the athletes going to care for their injuries it’s not just be ok they are going to need a lot of help with their nasty injuries. players also get injured in practice so they can’t play in any game. when people are trying their hardest to tackle to get the player down they aregoing to need some money if they want to better because it’s going to hurt A lot. College athletes can have a career ending injury in a matter of seconds it could happen to people in the NBA,NFL,NHL and people in those sports could get hurt just as easily as the people in college.

My last reason why college athletes should get paid is because they bring the money into the colleges. Every game the players should be paid win or lose the college athletes will bringmoney. So why can’t the players who bring in the money have any of money that they bring in. Athletes need to get paid because why can’t they have any money. They bring in the school has enough money the school is just getting more money every time the team wins or losses.

There is billions of dollars going into the industry every year so they have a lot of money that they could be giveing to a college athlete. Other people would argue that if you have college athletes money they would not spend it on things that they need. They say that they would do something stupid on with all of the money that they would be getting. That may be true but if they did do that they could get kicked off of whatever sport team they are playing on and then they would not get paid anymore money. Playing college sports is a privilege and if they really want to stay on the team or get into the NFL,NBA,NHL,MLB that means that would try their hardest when they are playing and use there money for things they need or want and not just stupid things.

These are the reasons why I think college athletes get paid because they work hard they they get injured and need money. They make the money and don’t get any of the money that they make theses are the reasons that college athletes need to get paid. They make the money and it could help them with things outside of college. The college industry with big sports teams make billions of dollars and they should give some to the people that play sports,they have to try there best cause if they want to stay on the team they have to do good in schooland work as hard as they can. That’s why college athletes should get paid.