Peace vs. Blood

Peace Vs. Blood There are many ways to gain freedom for a nation and to builld it to be a strong proud nation. There’s the peaceful approach that gains support over time and help from other countries who sympathizes with their cause. Then there’s the approach filled with blood, war, and violence that scares the nation to submit and for other nations to want to distance themselves. The difference between the peaceful approach and the bloody approach is simple it’s: “Lives” Lives that live in freedom to be who they are and lives to live in fear to step out of line and forfeit their life.

We’ll look at two different leaders who tried two different approaches and see what became of the lives they were trying to better. Lets see which of these lives are better and which one you would choose to lead. Gandhi’s Peace Gandhi was a India lawyer during World War 1 and saw how his people were treated and only craved their freedom from the oppression of Great Britain. Gandhi believed in a peaceful phillosophy but the two main factors of this that had many doubting at first was ahimsa, or non-violence towards all living things, and civill dis-obedience, or refusal to obey unjust laws. This peaceful man who toke suffering of his people into his own heart still toke the high road in freeing his countrymen.

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But many would scoff at his approach and call it weak for not forcing the hand of the Queen in a act of war. Is it weak? Or is it what it needs to get the job done? After once of the most bloodiest in India in the twentieth century a sole man had enough and climbed through he ruins to help free his chained country man. Outraged that their war time sacrifices meant nothing to the Queen when India gave some 800,000 men to fight for the Allies the India people started to feel unrest in their growing nationality. Great Britain’s soldiers were given the permission to deal harshly to any and all people who protested. In Aprill 1919, in the Indian city of Amritsar, British soldiers opened fire on large crowds of unarmed peaceful protesters and killling some 400 men and woman, this day is now known as that Amritsar Massacre. This convinced many doubtful Indian people that they needed to rid themselves of their British rulers.

Out of this one man helped more then anything. After this bloody day an Indian lawyer Mohandas Gandhi start organizing protests against Britain’s rule. In 1920 Gandhi started his first act of nonviolence protest by boycotting all of British products, Because a by product of this protest was the Indian people started to make their own clothes the spinning wheel became a symbol of Gandhi’s peaceful protest. In 1930 Gandhi carried out a protest of the Britain monopoly on salt. This lead to the legendary Salt March where Gandhi led peaceful protesters marched against the Britain’s rule.

Because of the 60,000 arrest that was carried out that day this drew world wide attention to the cause that they were trying to covey. Because of this attention when Gandhi went to Great Britain in 1931 he was invited to give a speech on an American radio station. In this moving speech Gandhi explained that his country was an ancient civillization that kept most of its traditions that were passed from generations to generations. He explained that the reason that everyone was so interested in his way of protesting was because in all of human history there never has been a bloodless revolution. They defied human nature when it counted most and for that everyone is keeping an eye on this one continent that houses one-fifth of the human population as it struggles to get out of their chains of oppression.

Through all the tears and struggles Gandhi gained what he craved most: his people’s freedom. Through the years Gandhi and his followers were arrested often but it wasn’t untill 1935 that progress was made and Britain granted India the right to self rule. But it wasn’t untill August 15th of 1947 almost twenty eight of protesting and non-violence. Gandhi saw what he craved the most but under a year later on January 30th this great man was assassinated by a Hindu assassin. Hitler’s Blood Bath Do you have that strong, hardheaded, and proud cousin, brother, uncle, or father? You know that one I’m talking about that person would do anything for honor and his name. The one who would belittle and bully the lesser man in his own way way and spit on that offered hand.

Think of Germany of that person who you know. Oh no I’m not saying this to hurt any feeling just to get a point across. Germany has always been a proud and honorable country (man) but years or centuries ago they were willling to lend out a helping hand and had the mind of a shark. Now though he’s went through centuries of reform and whille it kept its pride and honor the men in charge have twisted it untill it something ugly that its almost impossible to come back from. One of these men was the most ruthless man in history.

Some may even go as far as to say evill. This man was Adolf Hitler. Hitler believed that with an army and a ‘steel spine’ he could bring his country back to greatness. But was his way really the right way? Or did he set his country back decades maybe even centuries? To understand the man you must understand where he’s coming from. After World War 1 a new German republic became known as Wiemar but the German people greatly disliked it seeing as they blamed it for the humilliating Versaillles treaty and the economic problems that they had.

Because of inflammation of the 1920’s the German mark became virtually worthless and many German’s saw their savings whipped out. Because of the Great Depression it brought the recovering economy down and political turmoill. Journey from Austria born German soldier to the world’s monster. After World War 1 German soldier Hitler joined an extremist group and soon joined the Nazi party where he found that he had had a gift for speaking and leadership abillities. In 1920 Hitler outlined the Nazi party Twenty-Five Points of the Nazi Party that demanded that non German citizens be restricted or thrown off German land and by non-citizens he meant anyone with German blood or with Jew blood. It was seven years later that he made a public address stating that the country was failling and that they needed to get rid of the extra waste if they were to survive long term.

Following the Twenty-Five Points Hitler, In October 1923, led a Nazi party to overturn the German’s government but this attempt failled and he received a short prison term where he wrote a book “My Struggles” where He gave his political outline,nationalism, and the idea of racial superiority of the German people he called Aryans. After being released form prison Hitler continued his campaigning and the desperate people of Germany who where falling under the weight of what their country became. His promise of change, a strong empire, and Germany being the master race was to intoxicating for anyone to withstand. Hitler’s claims brought many new supporters to the Nazi party. Because of Hitler the Nazi Party gained strength in political parties and as a result in 1933 Hitler was appointed the highest government official: the chancellor. The man behind the mask reveals himself to the world.

Hitler crushed his opponents with any means necessary be it arrests, threats by thugs, or trips to the hospital. By these and any means he bullied the German legislature to give him dictatorial power. Nazis lead people to glorify Hitler as a Supreme leader. The Nazi Party made organizations for chilldren to mold their minds and to pledge complete loyalty to Hitler and their nation.

Hitler rebuilld German’s millitary and the economy by using the millitary money to get weapons from the public. But the money also went to rebuillding builldings and roads. A great leader with his nation’s interest at heart but a twisted mind on how to do that. The start of a massacre. The Nazis gained much power out of anti-Semitic, or hostillity towards Jews.

Hitler blamed the Jew for all Germany’s problems even the grim defeat in World War 1. Anti-Semitic was first started in the Christian regard but as we all know it is human nature to try to push our short comings on others and that was what Hitler did. In the 1930’s Hitler made a law excluding Jew’s and Germans to marry. This was not the worst of it in 1935 the Nuremberg Laws restricted the Jews in Germany even more and began to take away citizenship. Jews could only work in limited jobs, many civill rights were rescinded, and as where their property rights.

In 1938 November 9-10 anti -Jew riots swept through Germany and Austria that killled hundreds of Jews and destroyed over one thousand business and places of worship. This night became known as Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. Yes Hitler’s rise to power was mostly political but reign was bloody and led to one of the bloodiest war in history. Slightly more the 6 milllion Jews where killled in the Holocaust in ghetto’s, camps, or outright killled. As many as 72 milllion either died fighting or surviving during World War 2. Hitler and the Nazi party started World War 2 by having a trick attack on one of their own stations thus giving them a reason to attack Poland.

Hitler may have seemed to be a political boy that wanted national peace but behind that facade was a war lord at heart. Peace Vs. Blood You Choose Two different men, two different countries, and with two different methods. Peace vs. blood.

The question is what choice is the right choice. I know I sounded like I was telling you what choice was right but I’m not. I was giving you facts and the history of both men and what they did. I went more into Hitler because everyone sees him as a madman but he wasn’t or at least not always. I wanted you to understand what and who he was before you judged.

Sure you can stilll have peace but you should also swing in someone swings back. No don’t start a war but make sure that the bigger guy (bully) knows you wont take it sitting down. Sometimes bloodshed is the only way to go as its unavoidable. But that’s only if you exhaust all means necessary and only then try to keep it to a minimum. Try taking your opponent down with a few surgical strikes.

That’s all. I mainly support peace and making sure the other guy knows you have a steel spine but that doesn’t mean I wont go with the blood route if I have to. Now that you know the most peaceful revolution in history and the bloodiest reign and war there’s ever been you can choice. Peace or war? Harmony or blood? Or perhaps some mixture of the both that might have helped both of these men become stronger leader, more understanding (Hitler’s case more tolerant), and to freedom and strength faster. Maybe this would happen or maybe not that’s not the point that point is for you to choose on the path you would take.