The Peace

More than once I’ve seen on the news soldiers coming back from across the ocean, from combat with mental problems. This makes me feel upset because soldiers give up their life for their country and then come with mental problems if they survive.

There should be world peace. Weapons need to be destroyed. They need to get weapons destroyed the Urban sound from the guns kills your ear and brain and makes heart rate go up so the shook gives them a adrenaline rush. According to Stephanie Habelow from Bryn Mawr College, “World War I and II, the Cold War, Vietnam, and the Gulf War – millions of me fought, some survive and live among us today. Unfortunately, the war experience for many veterans is traumatizing and as a result many have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PISD).” And if there was a strike and the days of hippies come again.

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Would it help or destroy the world and would the country go for or more wars? And the terrorist would they stop or what if it go to hippies? There should be world peace. That if there was world peaces it may help the world and maybe get to have flying cars better economy. If you help me with this it may help the world and you.