After last year’s Homecoming pep rally, many students were disappointed to say the least. “The pep rally kind of sucked.

I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying,” said senior Trevor. Senior Megan agreed with Block on the topic of the pep rally last year. “There were multiple events going on at the same time so people were confused and didn’t know which event to pay attention to,” said Megan. However, lots of work and effort by numerous people are being put forth in order to make sure that the pep rally this year won’t be one to forget. Potential pep rally events include a Muggles’ Quidditch match, inflatable games, and a relay race between grade levels.

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In addition, there will be multiple dance-offs between the girls’ volleyball and field hockey teams and the boys’ football and soccer teams. Other teams that could possibly be involved with the dance-off are the cross country teams, the girls’ swim team, and the girls’ tennis team. As always, the Homecoming Court will be recognized on the turf. “This pep rally is going to be so cool!” said junior representative Sirjaut. The pep assembly will take place on Thursday, October 8, at 1:45 pm on the football field.

Come with your AHS spirit wear and pride! Another highly anticipated event of Homecoming is the parade. Kids from around the area line the streets, looking forward to the heaping amounts of candy they will soon receive. The fall sports teams, clubs, and community organizations construct appealing floats to ride on through downtown Hartland; these floats usually relate to the Homecoming theme or to beating the football team’s opponent. “It’s fun to make creative and colorful floats for the parade!” said junior Jordan. The parade begins at 5:45 pm, starting at Church Street to Capitol Drive and ending at North Ave. to Arrowhead.