Plan at ORION

According to traditional Master Plan at ORION, the life of the project was quite long and Ineffective. It took 5 ? 7 years for new product design, development and manufacturing.

The main reasons were: Manufacturing engineers that had to follow design engineers’ lead they didn’t have a manager to control and assistant. Design engineers were not experts in manufacturing. For this reason, it leaded to higher product costs. Thus, there should have a manufacturing manager who would manage and authorize to make decision In design for manipulability. Low quality was because of lack of a manager In control and management quality of products.

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Furthermore, this team did not involve in process of product design to give advices and recommendations of quality concern on time.

Therefore, ORION should have a quality control manager who would manage the team and involve quality concern in original design of products. Ineffective Customer support was because of lack of a manager and lack of Identification of customers concerns. For this reason, the company should have a customer service to control the team and corporate loosely with design team to understand exactly technical documentation and user manuals.

By the way, marketing team should support to survey market in capturing of customer’s needs and requirement in order to improve quality of service and make customer satisfied. Lack of strong project ownership: Senior manager should establish criteria in selection and balance the available organizational resources among different types of projects. For large and Important projects, they should arrange talent and experienced engineers to work full time Instead of doing multiple rejects.

Engineers in small projects are able to do multiple projects or ORION could outsource personnel for its requirements.