Pepe Jeans Case Study

Pepe Jeans Case Study:

Pepe Jeans is the English brand which is associated with jeans clothes and is supposed to be quite popular in Europe. Pepe Jeans was founded in 1973 in London and very soon it became one of the most successful companies producing casual wear in Europe. Today the brand costs more than 500 million dollars and its success continues growing rapidly. The name of the brand is so short and simple, because when the company was founded, the owners did not have enough capital to pay for a long name and just called it ‘Pepe’.

No more than ten years required Pepe Jeans to conquer the European market and in the end on the 1980-ies the brand was introduced in India. The English brand became interesting to the rich European investors and in the beginning of the 1990-ies the Pepe Jeans was purchased by the Spanish investor Juan Abello, who is the owner of Torreal, the investment group which invests money into the novice firms and expects to receive profit from their development.It is obvious, that Pepe Jeans got its popularity due to the smart marketing system and advertising. The brand is advertised in fashion magazines, on TV, in the Internet and the celebrities with the world fame are involved into the process of advertising what makes customers believe the brand is worth their attention.The student is able to choose the topic of Pepe Jeans for a case study and this topic is quite favourable for the analysis, because it is interesting and useful to for the future entrepreneurs to learn about the history of the success of the famous brands.

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Before the research of the case itself, one should study the way of Pepe Jeans’ development and evaluate the marketing strategy, production and branding of the company. Having collected enough information about Pepe Jeans the student is able to investigate the case and the problem which has occurred with its production.One is asked to research the case site, collects arguments and evidence which demonstrate the cause of the problem and illustrate its consequences. The student is supposed to analyze the case objectively and solve the problem on Pepe Jeans professionally.A case study is the good exercise for every student, who wants to learn to write big-in-volume papers in future. In fact, in order to understand how to write a successful case study, the student should take advantage of the Internet and a free example Pepe Jeans case study solution written by the intelligent expert.

It is easy to improve the student’s knowledge on the manner of writing and formatting of the text just reading a free Pepe Jeans case study essay sample online.