Levi Jeans Case Study

Will global consumers buy Levi products because of the company’s dedication to a diverse workforce? Yes, I believe consumers will buy Levi products because of the company’s dedication to a diverse workforce.

People are able to relate the the workers creating the Jeans they are wearing. Levi management exemplifies a directness, openness to Influence, commitment to the success of others, and a willingness to acknowledge everyone’s contributions.

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The public today feels obligated to buy products which are created in a positive workplace such as this. People know what they are getting when they purchase a Levi product because the company is so clear about the units they sell and the Individual goals and performance of the employees.. Would you buy Levi products because of the compass dedication to a diverse workforce? No, I personally would not buy Levi products because of the company’s dedication to a diverse workforce.

While I appreciate the ethical management practices, my primary concerns when choosing a pair of Jeans and the fit and the price. If the Jeans I am purchasing fit combo readily Ana are deteriorated I don’t really care won mace teem. I Anton care IT errors who made the product is black, white, old, young, male, or female. If your company can produce a quality product at an acceptable price, you will have my business. That is, as long as the employees are treated fairly and with respect .

Should other corporations mimic Levi Stratus’s policies of social responsibility? Why or why not? Yes, I believe other corporations should mimic Levis policies of social responsibility.

A strategy is no good if the employees don’t believe in it. The people of Levi do what they are asked because they believe in their product. They have created an empowerment organization, he people are the closest to the product. They feel as if they are a larger piece of the product rather than Just another tool.

This sense of entitlement to the product leads to greater effort. Everyone wants to put in their best effort because this product is a direct reflection of their personal efforts.

Enumerate three positive and three negative aspects of diversity in the workplace. Positives: A study issued by Gordon Group Inc. Concluded that companies that involve all employees more often in decision making boast stronger market valuations than those that don’t. I en Loveliest AT workers NAS lead Loveliest AT pr marketable o a larger consumer population. Sauce.

Levi sty less are now Workers feel as if they are being accepted for the first time, resulting inning a higher level of personal interest in the product they are creating.

Negatives: The companies emphasis on often distracts it from the nuts and bolts of running a business. Many people don’t work well working in diverse teams. Working for a company based on performance means that a disagreement and regression in performance can effect everyone’s paycheck. Levis self-conscious reputation as an employer who cares opens it up to plenty of criticism that other companies would get away with.