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I believe that happiness comes from inside ones self that only when someone has happiness all around them, they can they be completely happy with their life. Happiness comes from within, it does not matter what you have in life it matters what you have accomplished in that life, also it matters if you have people around you that love you.

Everyone has a different way of defining happiness, some with external happiness and some with internal happiness. One example of happiness coming from inside someone is when a person is in a relationship, that person feels happiness on the inside when they are around the person that they love. One example of happiness in a relationship I think is best explained in the article Happiness in Relationships this article states that “he/she makes me so happy.” This quote means that when you are in a relationship your partner is supposed to make you happy and fill your life with joy. Another quote from the same article states that, “when we come back to the idea that we make ourselves happy it may even seem foreign”.

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Like I said before in order for people to be happy they must have people around them to make them happy. This quote says that it will feel different if we have to make ourselves happy in life. Also in the article Can happiness be measured there is a quote that states “the way we consistently judge our lives affect on our feelings of happiness”. This means that everyone judges themselves on how happy they are and it helps when there are people around you to make you happy. Another example of internal happiness is the way we are happy when we decide to be happy. Humans cannot be happy unless they decide to be happy.

In the article Happiness in Relationships it says “the truth is that you make yourself happy”. This means that other people can do things that please you but you are the only one that can truthfully make yourself happy. Likewise in the article Happiness is an Internal Process it states that “true happiness is the result of a decision to be happy”. If you decide to be happy then you will be happy, and as a result you will live a better life internally. From the same article Happiness is an Internal Process it says that “True happiness is not the result of things going in the way we think they should be.

” This shows that we don’t have to have everything go our way just to be happy. In the story Ethan Frome happiness is used in internal and external ways throughout the entire book. In Ethan Frome happiness is used when the book says “he was never so happy with her as when he abandoned himself to these dreams.” Ethan was never happier with his wife than when he was dreaming. Ethan is most happy internally when he is with Mattie, this is best explained in this quote “It pleased Ethan to have surprised a pair of lovers.” Mattie makes Ethan happy so when it is said in the story “So they were to have one more evening together, her happy eyes seemed to say.

“Mattie makes Ethan very happy internally and that carries on throughout to story. People view happiness in many different ways at many different times in there life, everyone has a unique mind set when explaining happiness. Whether it is internal or external, happiness is everywhere. Even though not everyone can be happy all the time during there life it is important for people to remember the times when they were happy and embrace those few or many moments over the course of their life.