How to Know When You're Done with a Piece of Writing

I used to be terrible at writing, but then I learned that there are many different ways to know when you’re complete with a piece of writing.

One way to tell when you’re finished with a piece of writing, is once you have successfully used up all the information you gathered for it. By doing this, you have covered all of the facts as needed to benefit along with the essay and it’s meaning. Not only that, but you have also thoroughly explained the main points. Once that is covered, you will have to go back and re-place everything to fit together properly. Your essay also needs to be properly structured in order for your piece to be completely finished.

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From your topic, each main point should have a separate paragraph about itself, and only be based upon the main points. The explanation of the main points are within those paragraphs, and discussing more about them. Each main point is very important, that is why a good explanation is so greatly emphasized throughout the piece. After completing multiple draft copies of the piece, it will help you to quickly recognize and eliminate your mistakes. The main focus on doing this is to help point out to you the weak spots in your essay that need to be worked on.

Often times if the placement of some sentences are re-adjusted and moved around, then it makes things a little easier to work with. Therefor, by doing this it is also a good way to add in some last minute final touches that need to be made. Revision plays a very important part in completing a piece of writing. As spell check seems to be a very simple thing, it makes a huge difference in your writing. Another quick and easy way to help you catch your mistakes, is reading it aloud to yourself, oftentimes hearing yourself say it helps you to understand everything a little better.

Lastly, to finalize your piece have someone else read over your essay to give you some feedback on it. Others will view your writing differently than you do, which will help you out tremendously.