Play Station 3

Play station 3 is officially abbreviated PS3. It is a video game console by Sony computer entertainment as the third for home use. In the Play station series, it is the successor of Play station 2. Other competitors to this video game are the Nintendo‘s Wii and the Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 in the seventh generation of these video games consoles. Play station 3 is unique from the Play station 2 in that it offers a unified online gaming service called the Play station network unlike the Play station 2, which depended on developers for the video game to play online. Other than the network that this video game console has, it has very large multimedia capabilities as it connects well with Play station portable and its medium for primary storage is its ability to use Blu-ray Disc unlike other consoles. It gained its reputation as the first console to comply with Blu-ray 2.0 in the market. It is a brand that consist of three consoles, an online service, a media centre, a hand held magazine, and a line of controllers.

This being a current console, sold more than 41.6 cnsoles in September 2010 worldwide. Though it has not bit Play station 2, which is the best selling even to date, it is evident that it is doing well and its uniqueness will push it even more. The Play station network is a service has more than 40 million customers online in the entire world. In it, there is a virtual market that is online and a store for the Play station where downloading of games and other forms of multimedia takes place. There is also an online subscription based service called Play station plus and a Play station home which is a networking service for social gaming that are used by many users which are approximated to be 14 million in the whole world.

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There is also a decision to have a soft ware frame work known as Play station suite aimed at providing Play station content cross devices and platform where playing Play station games will be in the content under that framework. Live area is designed as a touch screen for the users where it will integrate other elements for social networking into the interface. In the United Statees and other parts, there have been campaigns for the series especially in the commercials such as it only does everything that was used to market it in the United States. It has first title lineup brought by the worldwide studios for Sony computer entertainment whose owners are known for developing the series first party games. It also has many budget releases of titles with very different names by Sony such as the greatest hit, the best and platinum range.

In its production, approximately US $ 805.85 was used for 20 GB model and the 60 GB model used US$840.35. (Hilary, G., 2006) They are now priced at US$499 for 20 GB and US$599 for 60 GB model.

This led to losses for the company in 2007. This resulted in the reduction of production costs in the following years due to the fall in hardware costs and the removal of the emotion engine chip. Due to these reductions in the production cost thus, the cost of each unit fell to about $400 making the company to reduce the cost by 70% and this means that the company is cost around $240 per unit.