Pollution Causing Disease

Social change is about gaining resources to reduce human hardship, defending the weak from the strong, and striving to uphold an unbiased society. Again, it is about fighting for social and economical justice, respecting the environment and working to enhance civil liberties. Pollution is a social problem that involves the introduction of poisonous or harmful substances in the environment, which may cause deaths of both animals and humans, because of the toxic substances that affect the respiratory system. Pollution can lead to many diseases.

It has the three categories: water, air, and soil. All these types of wastage can cause diseases in the society. The number of diseases will continue to increase, as the quantity of pollution increases in the society. This would cause deaths to many people. Social change agent has the capability to make sure that there is a growing movement of people’s activities. Therefore, it is an obligation of every person in the society to make sure that all the activities are going well and to the benefit of people.

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Based on the research studies conducted by Erin Brockovich, pollution can cause various diseases. Her exhaustive research uncovered that Electric and Pacific gases have been poisonous to Hinkley, which is a small town in California. This problem has been affecting the town for more than thirty years. It is a result of the toxic chromium six leaks into the ground water. Based on these facts, it is evident that this poison affected the population in the area (Soderbergh, 2000).

We see Erin being brave, as she made the utility giant pay for all the injury it has caused. As a social change agent, one of the procedures of mobilizing the people to reduce pollution in the area is by teaching them on pollution advantages and disadvantages. The society should know the effects of the substances dumping into the various environments, e.g. water, air or soil. Constant campaigns would be a good activity that bring people together or mobilize them.

Generally, people know various diseases that can be caused by pollution. Another procedure is educating the entire population on activities that promote the cause and the spread of the diseases in the society (Kuykendall, 2002). In general, social change agent needs to lead the society to be free from problems, such as diseases and increase of poor population in the society. Another goal is that the living or working conditions of the society have to be free from any form pollution. It is one of the crucial elements that cause the spread of the diseases in the area; therefore, people should be educated about the mechanisms that help them to conserve the environment.

Erin continued campaigning for anti-pollution in various parts of the universe regardless of the challenges that were there, such as the lack of capital and numerous protests from some individuals in the society (Brown, 2002). According to Erin’s research, mobilizing people in the society is quite difficult. However, convincing could be a good way of mobilizing people to learn the best ways of reducing pollution in the society. Another way of mobilizing people on good ways of conserving the environment in the society is enticing them to learn from the past activities that were good. Nevertheless, the formulation of various policies, procedures and guidelines would be a pleasant activity that promotes the reduction of the spread of diseases in the society. Everyone has to follow the rules that reduce the cause of pollution in the society, so that the spread of diseases due to the resources misusage would decrease.

Based on Erin’s actions, it is evident that implementation of environmental toxic policies would reduce the spread of diseases in a society. Again, the formulation of these policies guides activities that would happen in future. Another mechanism of mobilizing the number of people or the society in the whole is by encouraging them to be strict on the activities they are participating in. They should be guided by the strict environmental rules, so that it would lead to a disease-free environment. Frankly, Hinkley could be full of problems in the current century, if Erin would not stand for its protection.

She had advocated for the reduction of ground water contamination in the society. She had done the same thing in every state in Australia, United States and other inter-cultural nations. Social change agent as to have money in order to ensure that social changes that would lead to the growth of the society in future can actually happen. It is evident from Hinkley’s case that resource misuse can lead to the rise of the new diseases within a society. On the contrary to the past, the residents of Hinkley started behaving abnormally.

Therefore, this is evident that the use a wide range of poisonous chemicals in industries with their further dumping to the ground can extensively affect the life of people residing in this area. Social agent has the obligation to seek assistance from various parties in the community, such as the inhabitants of that place. Nevertheless, government agencies should largely be involved in ensuring that there is no pollution whatsoever in a society in order to reduce the chances of contaminating sensitive materials with poison. Based on the research study conducted by Erin, a lot of people were affected by cancer. This is because the chemicals that are used in industries have some poisonous materials, which affect the health of a person. Non-governmental organizations should come in between in order to help the social agents in implementing their activities, as it would help in reducing the existing problems in the society.

Another method of funding would be borrowing from friends or any other parties. This comes about by asking your colleagues or your listeners to help a person to implement the project into the masses. Erin used her colleague to implement her project, and it added her more courage to continue with the work. Another mean that would be a source of funding is the government agencies, such as the one for human rights and the Red Cross. The leaking toxic chromium contaminated the drinking water with a poisonous chemical that largely affected both animals and humans in the area. A social agent should be focused on dealing with the situation no matter which circumstance he or she can face in the process.

This is evident, as Erin showed courage in implementing her activities that were to benefit the society both nowadays and in future (Abramson, 1991) (Schwartz, 1993).It could be difficult to implement a project without the support of the society. It is evident, as Erin found it hard to implement all her ideas without asking for the aid from other people. Environmental organizations in a society should largely involve themselves in activities that would foresee the aid development. The environmental activist should join hands with the social agents by advocating for better environmental conditions in the society. Again, the government should come about with the new rules and policies that the social agent will be able to use in implementing his or her project.

Every single member of a society has an obligation to support the social agent in ensuring that pollution will not take place within the living area. This is because it would affect the entire society. The use of chemicals could lead to the new problems, such as diseases that are hard to cure. Once a disease has affected the people, the government uses a lot of money in order to prepare the medical services for curing the sickness and eliminating the problem. Therefore, this leads to the high government expenditures. Moreover, this extra amount of money the government spends on medications reduces the amount of resources, which otherwise would be invested into the economy.

The social agent has to follow some approaches that the government may have set aside for every person in the society. In spite of the fact that the government may have set some policies and rules, not all the rules and policies stipulate the appropriate ways of conserving the environment. For example, the government may set a rule that allows the usage of pharmaceuticals for irrigation. The more a person uses these pharmaceuticals for irrigation, the more poisonous chemicals water in the soil may contaminate. The plants use that contaminated water and minerals for their growth.

Therefore, when a person or an animal consumes that plant, there is an immense possibility for him, her or it to take in those chemicals. Therefore, as a good social agent, one would recommend little application of pharmaceutical materials for irrigation, as it would minimize pollution-caused diseases. Again, one would recommend the government to draft a policy that would ensure that all industrial deposit their waste products at the right place. According to the Erin Brockovich’s research, a lot of people in the United States directed their waste products into the rivers. Once the waste product jets into the river, it affects the animals living in water, such as fish. Moreover, some chemicals react with water causing diseases to those animals.

Nevertheless, one would recommend the government to enact or amend policies that are not supporting the environmental conservation in a society. For example, clearing of bushes by burning should be abolished. This is because the fire normally kills animals or causes diseases to animals living in the soil, such as earthworms that make plant nutrients. The death of those animals would reduce the ground vegetation; thus, reducing food for both animals and humans. Another policy that one would recommend is the usage of protective equipment in the various industries, as they largely help in preventing the spread and acquisition of diseases. The workers in the industries should use masks or any other secure materials while processing or carrying chemicals.

This would minimize the risk or getting pollution-caused diseases and reduce the number of deaths. A social agent may come across various problems, when trying to promote pollution-free environment in a certain society. One of the problems a social agent may encounter is an extensive protest from the various people. In this sense, the population does not want to hear the good things that a social agent is preaching and implementing. This situation would lead to a certain difficulties. Furthermore, this leads to the unsuccessful completion or even failure of the planned project.

Again, the lack of inadequate capital would be another obstacle that would hinder the implementation of ideas. Other situations happen, when a social agent may lack good or adequate ideas that would fasten the implementation of the ways to confront and eliminate the pollution practices. The lack of support from various agencies, such as the governmental or non-governmental ones, may cause reluctance in the process of implementation of those policies for the pollution-free environment. A person does not have to debate on the positive tasks that would promote and reduce the risk of people getting the poisonous diseases.Nevertheless, an extremely high number of factors would contribute to the unsuccessful project conclusion. For example, the lack of transportation machines, such as vehicles in the society, would largely contribute to the increase of the poisonous diseases.

A social agent would not bother spending his or her time campaigning about conservation of the environment to those, who do not need or want to hear. In conclusion, when a population in the society follows the essential methods of conserving the environment, it would lead to a conducive and disease-free environment. Everyone has the duty to make sure that he or she supports and acts positively in the building of the society. This is because a rise in the number of diseases would lead to an immense number of deaths, which is not an objective of any society whatsoever (Nicolai, 2002). Every person should be concerned about the critical measures that should be undertaken in order to conserve the environment failure, which would lead to the numerous deaths of both animals and humans. Normally, social agents know that their project is progressing in a right direction by reading the statistics on the number of people dying in the hospital and collecting the first-hand information.

Again, one can know whether he or she is making progress by assessing or evaluating what majority of the people in the society are saying. One can also get to know whether he is on track by checking or getting information from the media or the social sites, which are the main sources of acquiring the responses from the masses. The objective of a social agent it to make sure that there is the reduction of pollution causing the diseases in the society (Briggs, 2003). Social agents normally like to see pollution-caused disease environment in the society and undertake a forward movement of activities. This essay stipulates various actions and measures that people in the society should follow and implement in order to live in a pollution-free environment.

People should gain skills and information for the prosperous future. When a person follows the above mentioned measures and information about the pollution control, he or she will be able to enhance the growth of the future generations.