Pop Stars

Pop Stars, in a way, rule the lives of Americans.

For decades now, people have been completely and utterly obsessed with what’s hot in the media. On almost every source of social media pop stars always end up making the top news stories. The lives of famous people are now seen as more important than things such as world hunger, saving the planet campaigns, or even world disasters. All pop stars display certain characteristics that ultimately drive regular people to have fascinations with them. After all, pop stars, are nothing but “regular people” as well, so what makes them so appealing? Pop Stars are so appealing to Americans based on their talents, the way they perceive themselves to the public, and the amount of drama consumed from them. Talent is a huge thing that should be required by all pop stars to qualify them for that title.

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However, that is not always the case. Nowadays people can become famous through the wonder of autotune. Many stars have the image, but not so much the raw talent voice, and they get into the industry by autotuning or being so outrageously different sounding that people will listen to them. Some of the most heard comments from elders are that the 21st century doesn’t contain any actual talent anymore. After all, they grew up on talent such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and Johnny Cash, where in that time the only way to become a Pop Star was to actually have talent.

Many stars in today’s media get bashed on for not having any actual talent as seen before in olden times. However, this is proven wrong through the work of artists such as, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, and Ed Sheeran. All three of these artists perform acoustic versions of their songs and are constantly hitting the top charts with the music that they release. Both Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran released top-charted albums and then disappeared from the media for a year or more, and have both recently came back with new albums better than their last. Due to their immense fame from their first talented albums they were able to take necessary breaks and return years later, as if nothing had happened.

In the case of Demi Lovato, she continues to keep releasing empowering and confident music that catches the public’s attention with her high notes and catchy lyrics. She is a good advocate for body confidence, and a good role model for others. Talent always shines through and is always remembered. A key factor on the popularity of Pop Stars is the way they perceive themselves to the public. Stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus have all been seen in the public’s eye as outrageously obscene. Lady Gaga has been known for several years throughout the media to show up to red carpet events wearing the oddest of things.

Some of these costumes involve a meat dress made entirely out of fake meat, she has also been seen wearing a variety of different intricate wigs ranging on all different shapes, colors, and sizes. She has recently became more modest with her appearance, however, her past choices of outfits, are still being talked about to this day throughout the media. Another extremely popular artist involving her appearance is Katy Perry. She is most known for the music videos, she has put out to her music and the way she performs at her concerts. Some of her most iconic and legendary outfits belong to her music video, such as California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg where she is seen wearing an outfit made entirely out of candy and her as well as the backup dancers are seen wearing bras made out of cupcakes.

She, as well as Lady Gaga have many varieties of wigs and wears them in all of her music videos and most of her performances. She has also been seen wearing large peacock feathers and a 90s nerd outfit that go to the music videos of Peacock and Last Friday Night. Alongside of these strange outfit ideas is the artist know as Miley Cyrus. She started off as a child pop star who soon turned into one much like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Throughout the past couple years, she has released pretty inappropriate songs and videos that came with some pretty scandalous outfits.

They consist of a see through button dress, painted on clothes, and small flashy suspenders. All of these famous stars are perceived throughout the media by their appearances. Drama plays a huge role in the making of pop stars. Famous pop stars such as Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce have been known for several years now to project drama upon themselves in order to enhance their popularity. Kanye West is a popular rap artist married to Kim Kardashian who is also known as the queen of drama, but is not a pop star, just a random woman famous, and many people question why. In his song Famous he produces such profanity ridden lyrics that involve Taylor Swift, in which got the two of them bickering.

Taylor then recently got back at him with her new song called Look What You Made Me Do, in which she bashes on everyone who had previously bashed on her. Such as Kanye and Katy Perry. These two have made such a big deal out of this that it has been raving throughout the media for quite some time now. Another artist that has been full of drama is Beyonce. She releases very women empowering music and has been accused of being the leader of a well-known association, known as the Illuminati.

This, however, is just a theory that many people like to dramatize over and believe that many famous pop stars are involved in. Those are only some of the drama being produced in America’s media that makes pop stars so appealing. Americans are so fixated on pop stars for their talents, appearances, and drama. Without talented artists or outrageously outgoing and drama filled pop stars, America would be a completely different place. While it might seem strange that these people get talked about more than important world issues in America, they serve as a way for people to interact and enjoy music.

Music has always been an extremely popular festivity because it allows people to relax and have fun. Pop stars today, may have unnecessary drama or wear crazy things, but that’s what makes them so interesting to the public, and a way for American’s to enjoy their talents. Pop stars have many appealing qualities that will carry on from generation to generation.