Preparing for Final Exams

Final exams are approaching, and you are not ready. Stop lying to yourself; you are a procrastinator and a slacker. You have done minimum work all semester and you are now wondering how in the world you are going to pass finals. Let’s face it, you suck.

If you didn’t, you would be ready for finals and would not need me. So, kindly follow these steps: 1. Step one: Abuse study guides. You learn so much in classes there is no way you can remember it all. Teachers know this, and try to make life easier.

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If you get anything from this article, let it be this: review guides for your classes are basically revised copies of the final exam. The material covered in review guides is the same as the material on the test. Don’t even worry about material that doesn’t show up on the review guide. One or two questions may pop up about it, but in the long run these will not hurt you. 2. Step two: Study every day.

Yes…every day. Stop whining about it. You haven’t studied all semester and now it is time to pay the price. Studying in small increments daily yields better test results than cramming the night before. 3.

Step three: Go in for extra help if you are struggling. Believe it or not, teachers know what they are talking about. Go in during study hall, lunch, or after school to ask questions. Try your best to understand material on your own; if you can’t, consult your teacher. One on one time with a teacher is beneficial, especially for final exams.

4. Step four: Get a day planner. Your problem? You don’t write down your assignments. How are you supposed to do bookwork and review guides if you don’t remember when they are due? A day planner is helpful, but only if used. Make an effort to not only record due dates for assignments, but also budget time to study. 5.

Step five: Again…allot time to study daily. Yes, step five is strikingly similar to step two, but that’s because giving yourself time to study each day is the most helpful, important thing you can do to prepare. Yes, you’ve been lazy…and I understand it will be hard to abandon laziness and actually do work. But if you don’t, you will fail. So either put in the time, or fail. Your choice.

Listen to Trevor…hit the books.