“Bork is the best game ever designed!!!” exclaimed Rygar. There was an insight on, Rygar my very good friend who is also a coder like myself. I meet Rygar at Byte club and I decided to take him in under my wing.But one day he change my view on him forever, we were at a Codeday convention of fall 2014 making are soon to be hit game “Bork©”.

I didn’t think we could make a game of such high caliber. But Rygar did, he never gave up, and he always pushed us to the point of collapsing. I could believe that we actually pulled it off(90% of the work was me). To this day I still remember the great sense of achievement, when we(me) completed bork. It was the best feeling I could and ever will have. I also realized how much of a jubilant, bumptious, and importune man he was.

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First of all, Rygar is Jubilant. I have never, to this date seen him frown or not happy about something whether it be the little things like making a looping statement in visual basic or fixing/messing up bork. And if anyone made fun of bork, or got the lore wrong, he would say”Don’t make fun of bork, it will be on the shelves everywhere soon enough”. His euphoric attitude towards everything never changed. One day at a code day meeting, I taught him how to draw a rectangle using Java, and he expressed his joy once he did it by shaking me up and down. He was so happy over something so insignificant.

“I guess I know a little java now” Rygar said to me. Rygar is the most jubilant and overly passionate person I have met in my life, I doubt I’ll ever meet anybody quite the same. Another thing about Rygar is his, love it or hate it, bumptious personality. His overall cockyness inspires us all to do over best, especially when working on a project together(ex: our bork game). He will say how this certain project will “annihilate the other games”, while waving his hands back and forth.

“We’ll get the grand prize” he said with an unbelievable amount of pride. But, unfortunately we didn’t. The grand prizes was give to 4 canadian kids, who made an app for android. But, the loss didn’t set Rygar down, he cheered all of us pu, and said that we would win next time. I think it was his cockyness speaking, just by the way he said it, with such excitement, and proud. But, either way it bright all of our day back up.

Another great quality Rygar has is his persistence, he will never give up on anything, and I mean anything. One time, when I was about to give up on a certain problem we had on Bork at the time, players would get stuck on one level because of a bug. At that time he would plead to me to fix it, and believe it or not it actually worked. I actually got so annoyed that I found and fixed the problem. This wasn’t the last time Rygar would plead to me. He also wanted to fix some more problem with Bork, even after the contest, because he thought I could make some money.

He didn’t stopped pestering me, until got around to the problem and fixed it. Even though, his importune personality is sometimes annoying, it put me on the right path, especially when it came to working. Overall, I think Rygar has been a pretty big influence over my future career, as I would have never figured out how to solve certain problem with my code. His Jubilance is get encouragement for everyone around him. His bumptious personality, also acts as encouragement that we can, and will achieve something, even though he overestimates the full possibly of the outcome of our projects.

Lastly, his importune personality acts as a motivation to keep going on, or he will never be quiet. I think I would never be as good as a programmer I am now, if it was for Rygar, I thank him for helping me in my future career.