A Modest Proposal For Ending the Problem Of Prostitution and the Career of Pimping, Yet Still Keeping the Lonely Hearts of Our City Fully Satisfied In A Safe Way Prostitution has been an ongoing problem ever since the earliest ages.

Women have been selling their bodies in order to make a living while lonely men take advantage of that. The problem in all of this is that diseases and unwanted pregnancies have been spreading like a plague. I also believe that we do not give enough credit to these lovely ladies and their father-figure pimps. These women have a hard night time shift. No matter if it’s cold or warm they are out there working. Their pimps are overwhelmed with paperwork and financial issues.

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It is not easy to run this business and it needs to be controlled. The way to fix this problem up until now was unknown. The proposal would be to castrate all men after they are 18 years old. We as parents should be obligated to choose their mate before then and make them have kids which we would take care of until our children finished college. The urges of men would be gone and the spread of illnesses as well as unwanted pregnancies would disappear as well.

This is the safest way to go about this epidemic because we would be saving many lives. Sex should be only used to reproduce, but we have taken advantage of this for a long time now. Contraceptives are harming our health and in some cases fail, causing irresponsible people to have to raise a child they didn’t want. Yes, the women would still have urges but they would not have men to satisfy them in which case we would evolve into a clean and civil society. First of all, we have been trying to find a cheap and easy way to protect our kids with vaccines, medicines, and advice. What about when they are older? What do we do when they grow up to be a prostitute, a pimp, or even the one who receives these services? This is just one reason why we should stop this.

Also, we will get rid of plenty of diseases that are spread sexually. Thirdly, the abandonment rate will go down because women will know that they only have time until they and their mate are 18 to ever have a child, so this will seem very important to them. Fourthly, women will have more self-worth knowing men are not using them for sex anymore but actually want a relationship based on feelings. Families will be happier and by the time these generations mature their children will already be all grown up resulting in well-structured and strong families. The fifth reason for the success of this genius proposal is the elimination of prostitution.

Pimps will no longer have debts and finances on their heads and ladies will not freeze on the streets at night. The last reason is that men will never cheat on their wives so the divorce rates will go down as well. Some may oppose to this for their own particular reasons. Such as that it is unfair men get the consequence of sexual attraction but women get to stay the same. Many might disagree, and say that it is the women’s’ fault for being promiscuous and selling themselves on the street. Men just take what is being offered to them and do not cause this problem.

There would be no issue if women just stayed at home and didn’t put themselves out there in order to make mere money. It is proved in studies that men are 78% more likely to cheat and get STDs from sneaking around behind their wives’ or girlfriends’ backs. Also when men are single it is proven that they go to bars and get drunk, later not thinking of the consequences of having unprotected sex, or searching for a lonely prostitute on the side of the street because their judgment is blurred. Men are less worried about having children as well, so let’s say they do not have a mate found for them by the time they are 18, they will not be as devastated later on in life that they are left with no children and will most likely marry a woman who already has kids of her own. As you can tell, this great proposal will change many lives in the United States as well as saving some. We will live in a healthy, clean nation where men think with their brain not with their penis.

The results will be happier families and happier people. There are no side effects or downfalls from this procedure of castration. Most, who I have talked to, even males, are for this solution. They agree that it will impact our society in a very positive way. Soon this will spread throughout all of the countries and many problems will dissolve.