Qualisa case study

In Inexpensive modules that were easy to Install, shopped In large retail. 0 Property developers: didn’t worry about pressure problems, preferred reliable good-looking products that can work In multiple settings, price sensitive. B. Channels: Trade shops: primary customer Plumber, carried products across all available brands, the Squalls brands were available In 40% of the shops. 0 DID sheds offered discounts, mass market, do-it-yourself products, cheaper and easier to retrofit: the Johannesburg brand was available in 70% of the shops.

D Showrooms: preferred very high end products and brands, various shower and bath options, offered installation by a subcontractor, the Squalid brand was available in 25%. D Plumbers: high loyalty to the product, advice to consumers on brands, generated most of the sales. Intention: Main competition based on exhibit 2 Triton: With almost 30% market share, consumer brand, mainly in the electric showers. Mira: With almost 22% of the market share, number 1 in mixer showers. D.

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Company & Market environment: Company: I-J shower manufacturer with strong reputation in the UK of having top quality o Producing a premium product in the shower market. O Service and reputation of the company had been slipping in the past few years. O In May 2001 had launched the Quartz shower, the first significant innovation in the UK shower market in years. O Holds 18%-20% of market share. 0 Market: o Shower markets in the UK were pledged with problems. 0 60% of UK homes had showers.

O There is rare innovation in shower production. O Main problems were low-pressure and temperature fluctuations. Low brand wariness o Most of the Installation 44% Is due to shower replacement (breakdown of showers) 0 73% of shower selection Is by plumbers selection or Influence. Squalls SOOT Strength Strong reputation In the UK shower market High market share. Product.

0 Easy to install product 0 Great service Weakness 0 Low brand awareness 0 Low sales in shower rooms 0 Low sales in trade shops. 0 10% of the products went wrong. Opportunity 0 Significant innovation in the market. 0 Strong demand in the UK 0 Shower markets in the I-J were pledged with problems (low pressure & temperature)