Quality Education

Do you think education can build a person’s reputation? It can. I take my education seriously, so I am seen as a very smart girl. In other people’s cases, getting a quality education leads them to many successful things in life. People can receive better jobs, and people receiving an education can also lead to society becoming considered more successful.

The purpose of this essay is to show how a quality education affects the outcome of a person’s life. People receive better jobs when getting a quality education. A job that can be received is becoming a doctor. Since doctors fight diseases our society becomes healthier. Another job someone can get is becoming a lawyer. Better lawyers will provide more fair trials so less people will be proven guilty when innocent or innocent when guilty.

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Another job someone can get with a quality education is becoming the president. We can receive a better leader who will pay on debt, which will give us less poverty; therefore, we will live in an improved society. Because society will be seen as more successful, society will be persuaded to stand up to this “high” standard. Being persuaded, people will get their lives together. More jobs will be created, and America will be considered less of a failure.

If parents are persuaded to do better, then we will have more responsible adults in our society. Better parents will lead to children becoming responsible and doing better. A quality education can give us a more mature society, so more problems will be fixed. Education clearly leads to a better future. Education leads to more competitive jobs and global success. Education will take us to a future where more opportunities will be offered, and society will have a better way of functioning.

We have to be willing to make a change. A way to get a quality education is by creating many more top notch schools where people can actually have access to them.