Radio-frequency identification

There are many things Wall-Mart has done to Improve Its data communications systems for suppliers. Their chief Improvement was the Implementation of the sales and Inventory data to their suppliers. Suppliers could log In and gain access to all of the sales and Inventory data to more efficiently stock Wall-Mart with their products.

A key component of data security was also implemented with the vendor data site to reverent vendors from accessing each other’s data and compromising proprietary information (Viscosity, 2008, p. 1). There are many types of communication applications used by Wall-Mart to help them maintain their rank in the top of the retail business. The most typical types used by Wall-Mart are their automated distribution system, their computerized routing systems and the electronic data interchange (EDI) (Boogie, 2013, p. 126).

These are all used to synonymously create an efficient process for Wall-Mart to succeed at remaining one of the top competitive tillers In the world. Along with communication applications, there are also applications of wireless technology used by Wall-Mart helping them to be successful. One of the wireless applications Is used to assist the operations of the warehouse management system (WHAMS). Another wireless application utilized by Wall-Mart controls and monitors the forklifts and industrial vehicles usage which move merchandise through the distribution centers (Boogie, 2013, p. 26). There are many features and capabilities of the Vehicle Management system (VIM) which is the latest application of data communications for Wall-Mart. The VIM has the ability to send two way text messages to assist management in being more effective in the material handling of resources to the most appropriate destinations. The VIM also works effectively with Radio-Frequency Identification (RIFF) systems. The most noteworthy trait of the VIM is the Impact it has had improving productivity of operations for Wall- Mart.

By using the RIFF and VIM, Wall-Mart has accomplished two very Important objectives, Increased productivity and they have Improved the use of vehicles Inside their dilutions centers.


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