Raining Puppies!!!

About a month and a half ago there was an infamous video posted on Youtube of a girl throwing 6 puppies into a river. It was removed for indecency the first week it was posted but managed to go viral in that short time and accumulated over 1.

3 million views! The video showed a young, blonde girl wearing a red hoodie taking the terrified, squealing puppies out of a bucket and throwing them like baseballs. The girl did not seem to exhibit any guilt over it in fact, she and the friend filming it seemed to be chuckling and having fun. The video sparked an internet and animal rights outrage and user generated sites (especially 4chan) were determined to find her. PETA posted a $2000 reward for finding her. Even action movie director Michael Bay offered a $50000 reward for her prosecution.

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Eventually they found that the woman was from a small Bosnian town called Bugojno. Police have refused to give out her name and address for her personal safety, however this information has already been leaked and spread around the internet by hackers. She was arrested by the Bosnian Police for questioning. About a week later a 75 year old woman who lives in the same town has claimed to have saved 5 of the 6 puppies. Her story is that she found them on the way to a potato field.

The puppies were struggling at the side of the river and she fished them out. However this story is very questionable for a number of strange details. First of all how could a 75 year old fish them out of the river and if they were being swept down by the river how could she even get them out fast enough? Second the puppies in the video were black and white, the dogs she has look black and brown. Third, how could the puppies have survived long enough to make all the way down to the potato field? Even stranger she suddenly now has a Face book with around 43 friends that feature pictures of her with the puppies that was made the same day she reported this. Why might she cover this up you ask? Well the villagers say the teen girl who threw them apparently was a neighbor to the old lady (the sources wished to keep their identities private but they are local villagers in the area) the girl was also afraid to leave her house after receiving numerous death threats and harassment. So it is likely that the old lady owned other puppies and fearing for the girl’s safety, made a false story about saving them so the whole thing would die down.

The girl was charged around $5000 for animal cruelty. She also made an apology statement that was posted on YouTube. However the boy filming it wasn’t caught yet if you know any information regarding the boy, the puppies, or the case in general contact PETA on their website at www.PETA .org.