Argumentative Essay on Rant/Vent

School makes me mad. Not the education but the people. In my English class the people annoy me and think I am weird, which I may be but they didn’t even give me a chance. In the teenage years dating is popular and I like some guys but not all of them.

Some of them are so full of themselves. I hate when a guy is just a big jerk to act cool and get a reputation. The pressure to be liked is huge and the people make me self-coconscious. I hate being insecure but I can help it. Are their any reasonable people in high school? Or should I just give up the search for someone who isn’t sucked into the daily society. I am not ugly or fat.

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I get a lot of compliments from strangers on how pretty I am. I may have been a bit different in the beginning of the year but now that I am settled down I am not content. Sometimes I just wish it could all go away and I could find happiness or go travel to where I have always wanted to travel. It doesn’t suck as much as I am saying but when you have a family does not let you do anything then it’s hard. I am not aloud to go to football games and I didn’t even get grounded.

I rarely get to hang out. I am currently reading about happiness and it makes me want to cry. Help, I cant it anymore. I am noticing anger management problems from the stress I have been taking. Why am I on earth?